Changing Tymz Is Band Of The Month July 2020 On MDR! Saturday June 27 2020, 10:16 PM
Changing Tymz Is Band Of The Month July 2020 On MDR!

Chenging Tymz destroys the polls this month with 61,620 votes!

Changing Tymz is an original rock/metal band out of Pittsburgh, PA, generating a new sound and tone in today's rock and metal genres. Composed of top-notch musicians, the recent release of their first EP is catching the attention of the music scene.

Changing Tymz - The Story So Far

In 2016, after hitting some roadblocks with original music and deciding that playing in the cover/club scene was not in his heart, Tony Rossi wanted something new.  Driven by the desire to form a band that brought together a unique mix of musicians, he began the long road to what would lead him to Changing Tymz.  A  journey that required time and patience as the right band would be born in the collaboration of musicians willing to prove their passion, musical talent, faith in God, direction and ability to work together as an integral and equal piece of the process. This in itself would take over 3 years.

During this same time period, guitarist Timmy Wysong was looking to find an accomplished drummer to join his former band, Hate Remains.  Connecting through a music search, Tony submitted an audition piece for the band at Timmy’s request. Although things didn’t work out for Hate Remains, Tony and Timmy discovered a respect for each other’s talents and decided to begin collaboration.     

Adding vocalist Matt Martin to the group, the band was now beginning to take shape and the direction of the band’s sound became clear.  Originally striving for a heavier and darker sound, the addition of Matt’s voice and unique style allowed them to dig deeper in the roots of true metal and melodic fashion to create a mix of modern and classical metal. 

All the while, bass player Bryan McQuade was also looking for a change and placed an ad on Craigslist.  Seeing the posting, the band reached out and asked him to submit an original bassline for the song ‘Stand Up’.  Taking his chances, Bryan sat down to write, submitted a piece…and a bass player was found.  

Now at four members strong, all that was needed was another guitarist to add to the line-up. Knowing whoever it was needed to be the right fit, after several auditions and more than a year later, the band finally welcomed Eric Fenton in November of 2019.

Five talented musicians, having never met before, all from different backgrounds, cemented by desire and passion for the music is what makes this band work so well.  Proving that they can get through the best and the worst together, they officially released their 5 track EP in February of 2020 and are now in the pre-production stage of their full-length debut album (release date to be announced).

The music world has only begun to see the beginning of Changing Tymz! For more info on the band you can check out their website    Here

Band Members
Matthew Martin - Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Tony Rossi - Drums & Percussion
Timmy Wysong - Guitars & Backup Vocals
Bryan McQuade - Bass & Backup Vocals
Eric Fenton - Guitars
Home Town
Pittsburgh, PA
Metal/Hard Rock


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