New message from Tankcrimes Wednesday June 24 2020, 6:03 AM
New message from Tankcrimes

Check it out, we just uploaded a new Necrot track "Asleep Forever" track/asleep-forever

From Luca Indrio (Necrot bass and vocals) -
“‘Asleep Forever’ talks about knowing that you’re going to die and about discovering and embracing that state of consciousness to find relief. In death, you will finally be allowed to leave behind all that made you suffer and all that tormented you. Everything will be just and equal at the end when we’ll be asleep forever. It’s one of our heaviest and most melodic songs so far and I’m very curious to see how our fans will receive it. It’s one of my favorites.”

I had put up half of the "Bandcamp exclusive" vinyl on the last bandcamp day, I was gonna wait until the next one to add the rest but fuck it there's a new song they should be available here on bandcamp - so, restocked while they last.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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