USNEA Shares New Song "Lathe Of Heaven;" Tuesday July 11 2017, 7:10 PM
USNEA Shares New Song "Lathe Of Heaven;"
Portland doom quartet  USNEA  has announced the full details of their third full-length album,  Portals Into Futility . Inspired by dystopian science-fiction and the painful intersection of today's crushing reality,  Portals Into Futility  offers five songs and fifty-six minutes of expertly crafted and elegantly depressive doom/sludge. With an evolved sound of strength and dynamism,  USNEA  delve more into the worlds of dissonant death metal, varied vocal structures, and cinematic composition, all while maintaining the monumental heaviness, brutality, discord, anger, and mournful melodicism of their previous work. Across dark and brooding peaks and valleys,  USNEA  reminds us that no matter how many doors are opened to the human species, our self-aggrandizement and hubris all lead to futility.


Hear USNEA's new song "Lathe In Heaven" via YouTube  HERE  and Soundcloud  HERE .


Comments the band of the track, "'Lathe Of Heaven' was inspired by the eponymous book by Ursula K. Le Guin. It is a meditation on the blurred line between cognitive reality and delusion wherein the protagonist can change reality through dreaming. A well-intentioned psychologist attempts to corral that power but ends up creating more chaos and suffering. In the end, human arrogance and greed are shown to be the leading contributors to our own doom."


Portals Into Futility  is due out  September 8th  on CD, 2xLP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical preorders and exclusive bundles are currently available via Relapse,com at  THIS LOCATION  and digital preorders are available via Bandcamp  HERE .


Portals Into Futility  Track Listing:

1. Eidolons And The Increate
2. Lathe Of Heaven
3. Demon Haunted World
4. Pyrrhic Victory
5. A Crown Of Desolation


USNEA  will tour throughout Europe dates this fall as direct support for Ufomammut. The tour commences on  September 30th  in Paris, France and concludes  October 22nd  in Munich, Germany. The tour includes appearances at multiple festivals including Up In Smoke, Soulcrusher Festival, and Keep It Doom. The band will also perform an exclusive US set at Psycho Las Vegas on  August 18th . A complete listing of dates is available below.



8/18/2017  Hard Rock Hotel @ Psycho Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV 

w/ Ufomammut:

9/30/2017  La Boule Noire - Paris, FR
10/01/2017  Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, FR
10/03/2017  Borderline - London, UK
10/04/2017  Magasin 4 - Brussels, BE
10/05/2017  Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, DE
10/06/2017  Up In Smoke Festival - Pratteln, CH
10/07/2017  Doornroosje @ Soulcrusher Festival - Nijmegen, NL 
10/08/2017  Forum - Bielefeld, DE
10/10/2017  Blitz - Oslo, NO
10/11/2017  Klub Undergangen - Stockholm, SE
10/13/2017  Korjaamo @ Blowup Vol. 3 Festival - Helsinki, FI 
10/14/2017  Olympia-Kortelli - Tampere, FI
10/16/2017  KB 18 - Copenhagen, DK
10/17/2017  Lido - Berlin, DE
10/18/2017  Markthalle - Hamburg, DE
10/19/2017  Werk 2 - Leipzig, DE
10/20/2017  Firley - Wroclaw, PL
10/21/2017  007 - Prague, CZ
10/22/2017  Keep It Doom Festival - Munich, DE


USNEA  spawned in late 2011 from the cerebral minds of guitarist/vocalist Justin Cory, guitarist Johnny Lovingood, drummer Zeke Rogers, and bassist/vocalist Joel Williams. The quartet has proven to be a seismic level force of destructive creativity with a massive yet meditative sound, masterfully crafted songwriting, and a clear yet non-derivative influence from doom legends such as Disembowelment, My Dying Bride, Neurosis, and YOB.


USNEA  released their self-titled debut album in February 2013 on Rogers' own label Orca Wolf Records. Following a 7" EP split with Ruins,  USNEA  signed to Relapse Records and released  Random Cosmic Violence  in November 2014.  Random Cosmic Violence 's immense presence instantly elevated  USNEA  to the forefront of the blossoming American doom scene. Stereogum referred to  Random Cosmic Violence  as having a, "Floydian vastness that both balances and amplifies the overwhelming, crushing heaviness. Like the night sky itself, it's full of terror and awe and ice and fire. It is a massive, monumental thing."  USNEA  spent the next couple years touring in support of the record alongside veteran acts such as Ufomammut and Inverloch plus appearances at notable festivals including Maryland Deathfest, Roadburn Festival, and Modified Ghost Festival. 

Now in 2017,  USNEA  returns with their third full-length album,  Portals Into Futility.  An array of sci-fi novels that are becoming more and more of a reality in these volatile times informed the band's writing throughout the album, including  Shadow Of The Torturer  by Gene Wolfe,  Lathe Of Heaven  by Ursula K. Le Guin,  Valis  by Philip K Dick,  Handmaid's Tale  by Margaret Atwood,  Demon Haunted World  by Carl Sagan, and  Dune  by Frank Herbert.  Portals Into Futility  was recorded with Fester and assistant Andrew Grosse at Caravan Recordings and Haywire Studios in Portland, Oregon and mastered by Adam Gonsalvez at Telegraph Audio.



Justin Cory - guitar, vocals

Johnny Lovingood - guitar

Joel Williams - bass, vocals

Zeke Rogers - drums



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