Montreal's YOUR LAST WISH Premieres "Exile" Drum Playthrough via Sick Drummer Mag Wednesday June 17 2020, 9:50 PM
Montreal's YOUR LAST WISH Premieres "Exile" Drum Playthrough via Sick Drummer Mag

L-R - Peter Hamm - Bass, David Gagné - Guitar, Michael Cope - Guitar, Roxana Bouchard - Vocals, Blake Lemieux - Drums 
Photo Credit: Dani Rod

With roots in classic death and thrash metal, Montreal melodic death metallers Your Last Wish are darker, heavier, and have matured in their sound. Unleashing their latest concept album “Eradicate” this past February, the full length beautifully exploits post-apocalyptic themes. It is a bilingual album with songs in both English and French along with being composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. But behind every album, there's also a monster machine creating the blast beats and the explosion of fury that engages every metalheads headbanging. 

Today, the band is excited to focus on the man behind the kit, drummer extraordinaire, Blake Lemieux, and the pummeling assault of his playthrough for "Exile", a track with old school thrash influences that also introduces odd-time signatures.

Lemieux comments:

"With the talents of musicians that I work with it sure pushes me forward to become a better musician myself when I do these playthroughs. This one originally started off as a band video and then I thought why not make it a drum one too. So now there are two videos of the same song. I had as much fun making this video as I did recording it in the studio with Kevin Jardine (Uplift Productions, Slaves On Dope) along with Steve Vac, the guy who made the video and did an incredible job."

Watch the drum playthrough via its premiere on Sick Drummer Magazine  HERE .

For fans of old school Arch Enemy, Soilwork, and Black Dahlia Murder, "Eradicate" is available for stream and download on Spotify Appl e Music .

Band Playthrough 'Exile'  here .
Growl Medley by Vocalist Roxana  here .
'Eradicate'  here .
'Lost'  here .

Track Listing:
1. Eradicate (5:51)
2. Exile (4:46)
3. Monarque (5:33)
4. Décimé (5:24)
5. Lost (5:11)
6. Pursuit (4:32)
7. Pandore ft. Simon Girard (Beyond Creation) (4:44)
8. Prestige (4:46)
9. Le Cri Du Monde (5:48)
Album Length: 46:40

Your Last Wish is:
Roxana Bouchard - Vocals
David Gagné - Guitar
Michael Cope - Guitar
Peter Hamm - Bass
Blake Lemieux – Drums

For more info:  

Formed in 2003, Your Last Wish is a death metal band with thrash metal overtones, melodic yet aggressive, which should appeal to fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Hatesphere and Darkest Hour. Hailing from Montreal, Canada the group has encapsulated a wide variety of influences to produce a sound that is haunting and harsh, delicate and disciplined.                                              

Using 8 strings guitars, the band has even more possibilities to achieve the desired sound of frantic riffs and evil vocals. You Last Wish has intrigued and entertained audiences across the region, appearing at festivals including Grind Your Mind Open Air and sharing the stage with bands such as Kalmah, Beyond Creation and Archspire.

Eight years after their sophomore album 2012's "Desolation", Montreal, QC melodic death metallers Your Last Wish is back in full force with a new darker and heavier sound with their third studio release 2020's "Eradicate". The concept album beautifully exploits post-apocalyptic themes. The album was composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. More than half the songs on this bilingual album are in French. Track 'Pandore' features a guest appearance by Beyond Creation's Simon Girard.

With their new lineup of experienced and talented musicians, Your Last Wish is ready to conquer the world with their new album!  

“Driven by David Gagné, one of the most passionate and hard-working musicians in Montreal, The very talented band Your Last Wish's New Album "Eradicate" will take you on an Epic journey through extremely powerful musical landscapes that will transform your mind and emotions forever. That's what quality art is for, and that's what they do!” - Dan Mongrain, Voivod
“Bewitching melodies mixed with crushing grooves, "Eradicate" is definitely a great addition to the world’s metal community!” - Simon Girard, Beyond Creation  

"Your Last Wish have a very strong album with Eradicate. Death Metal as it should be, full on the bell and with distinctive songs that cut into the cerebral cortex." - Rock Magazine

"It's a really solid album with concrete compositions and a production to break everything. If you're looking for a brutal melodeath album to add to your collection, Eradicate would be a wise choice!" - Thorium Mag


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