The Best Selling Metal and Hard Rock Albums of 2017? Sunday July 9 2017, 8:52 PM
The Best Selling Metal and Hard Rock Albums of 2017?

Stealing this from MetalSucks cuz its fucking hilarious and if you haven't seen it yet, you should!

"The helpful folks over at   Metal Insider   dug in and did the homework and figured out which ten metal and hard rock albums have sold the most copies to date in 2017. Unsurprisingly, five of the ten albums are by Metallica, with The Black Album continuing to outsell most contemporary releases.

More surprising, perhaps, is that despite   protests   from fans over their new, poppier sound, Linkin Park still cleaned up. Also, Nickelback can surely take comfort in the knowledge that even if their most recent release posted   their lowest first-week sales figures in sixteen years , they still outsold almost everyone else.

But  most   surprising — to me, at least — is the inclusion of Incubus. I had no idea that band was still so popular. Good for them, I guess?"

But the best part of the entire post i think was one comment in particular that pretty much hits the nail on the head imo Thanks to Grahsam BV whoever you are... He writes>
"My personal opinion, based on jack shit, is that people don't gather around big acts like they used to. People used to all agree on a few bug names and then break out from there. Two things of happened.
1.) The music industry is turning away from "rock" acts, and threw away the half-a-fuck it gave about metal. It isn't profitable, there aren't slutty celebutantes whoring it up on stage, the dudes are ugly AF, and the music isn't banal escapism. No money=No care.
2.) The post-Napster, DYI recording world means people can listen to whatever crazy little niche they want. There are thousands of bands trying to get the attention of almost an equal number of fans. Any band that has a record deal and actually makes money is called a sell out or "not metal."

There are some great musicians putting out great music. That's not the problem. Metal dicks have gotten more dickish and there is no longer "success" to be had for bands. I don't think there will ever be another Metallica-level band."

What is your opinion on this?

Here’s the entire list:

  1. Metallica –   Hardwired… to Self Destruct   (487,000 sold)
  2. Linkin Park –   One More Light   (130,000 sold)
  3. Metallica –   Metallica   (117,000 sold)
  4. Incubus –   8   (75,500 sold)
  5. Metallica –   …And Justice For All   (71,500 sold)
  6. Metallica –   Master of Puppets   (71,000 sold)
  7. Mastodon –   Emperor of Sand   (71,000 sold)
  8. Metallica –   Ride the Lightning   (63,000 sold)
  9. Guns N’ Roses –   Greatest Hits   (58,000 sold)
  10. Nickelback –   Feed the Machine   (54,000 sold)

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