The Gates Of Slumber - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday June 13 2020, 2:09 PM
The Gates Of Slumber - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Karl Simon from The Gates Of Slumber joins us for a live interview. We talk about the new live album, whats been going on with The Gates Of Slumber, drug addiction, covid-19, and much much more. This episode features new music from Ulthar, League Of Corruption, BPMD, Goatsnake, Thou, Obscene, The Gates Of Slumber, Lantern, Left For Dead, Insatanity, SATANICA, Changing Tymz, Faceless Burial

Track List

1 - Churn/Undying Spear/Providence - Ulthar
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Save The Church/Something in the Water/Wheres Your Savior Now - League of Corruption
4 - We’re An American Band/Toys In The Attic/Evil - BPMD
5 - Breakfast with the King/Another River to Cross/Elevated Man - Goatsnake
6 - In Bloom/Territorial Pissings/Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Thou
7 - The Gates of Slumber Interview Featuring Death March/The Bringer of War/The Wretch (live)
8 - Black Hole of Calcutta - Obscene
9 - Strange Nebula - Lantern
10 - 2-Rock N Roll Dogs - Left For Dead
11 - Eidolon of the Blind/When Satan Rules his World - Insatanity
12 - Black Widow - SATANICA
13 - Stand Up - Changing Tymz
14 - Worship - Faceless Burial

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The Gates of Slumber was a doom metal band from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The group is better known in Germany and England than in their native United States. Their first release distributed within the U.S. was 2008's Conqueror, released on Profound Lore Records.

The band was formed by Karl Simon in 1997 as The Keep with himself on vocals and bass, Jason McCash on guitar, and Chuck Brown on drums. The band released two demos, then McCash and Brown left in 1999. Simon switched to guitar, and renamed the band The Gates of Slumber. In 2000, he recruited bassist Dr. Phibes and drummer Jamie Walters. However, personality and commitment clashes led to Phibes and Walters leaving the band, leaving Simon to bring in Brad Elliott and Chris "The Fist" Gordon as replacements. This lineup was also short-lived and the original lineup of Jason McCash and Chuck Brown replaced Elliot and Gordon on bass and drums, respectfully, in 2003.

This lineup lasted until 2005, when conflicts between Brown and the rest of the band led to his departure. After being briefly replaced by a returning Gordon, the position of drummer fell to "Iron" Bob Fouts. This lineup lasted for five years between 2005 and 2010; the longest-lasting lineup in the history of the band. In 2010, Fouts was replaced by Jerry "Cool" Clyde Paradis, who was a member of the band for two years until he was replaced by the returning Fouts in 2012. Longtime member Jason McCash left the band in September 2013, and Simon and Fouts decided to dissolve the band shortly thereafter, in September 2013.

It was announced by Karl Simon that Jason McCash had died on April 5, 2014 at age 37 from a heroin overdose, and that as a consequence of this, he would never reform The Gates of Slumber. However, in April of 2019 Karl Simon decided to reform the band, with original drummer Chuck Brown, and new bassist Steve Janiak. 

Jerry Clide Paradis died in 2016 from a heat stroke. He was 46 years old. Bob Fouts died on April 28, 2020 at age 45. No cause of death was revealed.

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