HeadCrusher Release New Lyric Video / Announce Texas-Colombia Tour Dates Friday July 7 2017, 4:19 PM
HeadCrusher Release New Lyric Video / Announce Texas-Colombia Tour Dates

Austin, TX-based Extreme Metal quintet  HeadCrusher  have released a lyric video for new single "Eternal Butchery" just in time to hit the road for dates in Texas and their native Colombia. Get butchered at  this location .


Dates for the "Death Comes with Silence Tour 2017" are as follows:


July 12    San Antonio, TX @ The Limelight

July 14    Bryan, TX @ Grand Stafford Theater

July 15    San Angelo, TX @ Deadhorse

July 19    Bogota, COL @ Salas De Eventos Subte

July 21    Pereira, COL @ Ozbar

July 22    Medellin, COL @ Barnaby Jones

July 23    Armenia, COL @ Bolera Las Palmas

July 28    Austin, TX @Come and Take It Live


HeadCrusher  will release  Death Comes with Silence  on  July 28 . A limited edition (50 copies)  Death Comes with Silence  pre-order bundle is available now! In addition to the digital and CD versions of the forthcoming album, you''ll also get a bag of  "Death Comes with Silence" Coffee Blend; the double-vinyl version of  Let The Blood Run / Black Burning Skies  EP; and a free track download of "Trails of Devastation." 

<a href="http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001aCYhbMY6NzxPPZfiVSW2eDCCcd9q8JfRWZjYEe6YVYGxi_9EIjfO1pS1YB49KLm20IfBLJTdFJL2XtXyZV3yRcjWg7e5x8dTZlcOEFceekez7QZPFNSaTTtYZbT9PFyxS5GAIaO0n50E53mgPU66cDHQEaKWWySDwsyunhk6Zks2UrrLRatZ7UjWdWi6Yi6ri-VJy9XjP3a56uXnLYXbyz1PZK6669ZopM7QZZPZMntbffZUuNAv00ku6LngEBmD&c=6Dvif5YeuydH8wloOcW-1-rfnySMk400a45iP7SgeyPtY5zH9246OA==&ch=R1hPK-xvfMZ6H1W0p_XycTxmdMTDkrVkObPP3UvIuy3Xf7TLv8TDsg==" shape="rect" alt="https://headcrusher.bandcamp.com/merch/death-comes-with-silence-pre-order-bundle" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f%3D001aCYhbMY6NzxPPZfiVSW2eDCCcd9q8JfRWZjYEe6YVYGxi_9EIjfO1pS1YB49KLm20IfBLJTdFJL2XtXyZV3yRcjWg7e5x8dTZlcOEFceekez7QZPFNSaTTtYZbT9PFyxS5GAIaO0n50E53mgPU66cDHQEaKWWySDwsyunhk6Zks2UrrLRatZ7UjWdWi6Yi6ri-VJy9XjP3a56uXnLYXbyz1PZK6669ZopM7QZZPZMntbffZUuNAv00ku6LngEBmD%26c%3D6Dvif5YeuydH8wloOcW-1-rfnySMk400a45iP7SgeyPtY5zH9246OA%3D%3D%26ch%3DR1hPK-xvfMZ6H1W0p_XycTxmdMTDkrVkObPP3UvIuy3Xf7TLv8TDsg%3D%3D&source=gmail&ust=1499544874485000&usg=AFQjCNEvrziKX4FxXk3rRJXeOiGGZG886g" rel="noopener"> https://headcrusher.bandcamp. com/merch/death-comes-with- silence-pre-order-bundle

HeadCrusher previously released a play-through video for new single "Trails of Devastation," featuring David Coloma tracking rhythm guitars in the studio with co-producer/mixer Jesse Gander during the recording of forthcoming album  Death Comes With Silence . Check it out

Death Comes with Silence   offers fans and newcomers alike a new level of dense, unfettered brutality! The music will grab you and will not let go. After relocating to Austin from Colombia in 2008,   HeadCrusher  have carved their place in the growing Texas scene. Their fast execution and ferocious delivery has taken their music to international stages in support of some of the best metal acts in the world. 

"An Austin, Texas/Colombian band with killer riffs and moxie to spare are set to release a gathering of ballsy tracks."
- Blood Rock Media

"Furious. Intense. Complex. Groovy. Aggressive. Brutal. A high speed attack on your senses."
- Lords of Metal

"Death Comes With Silence speaks of the warrior spirit forged after 15 years on the road."
- Rolling Stone (Colombia)

Track Listing

1. Ignis Fatuus (Intro)*
2. Seismal
3. A Plague Upon Us
4. Black Hearted Demons
5. Trails of Devastation
6. Intermission
7. Fatal Error
8. Eternal Butchery
9. Death Comes With Silence
10. I am Death (Outro)**
11. Gritos Del Sur (Bonus Track)***

*Intro written and recorded by Rolando Ramos Torres
** Outro written and recorded by David Coloma
***Special Guests Vocals on Gritos Del Sur by:
-Fabio Marin (Internal Suffering)
-Diego Rojas (Colapso)
-Hooseman Adame (Kilcrops)
-Alex Okendo (Masacre)

All songs written and recorded by HeadCrusher
Produced by: HeadCrusher and Jesse Gander
Assistant Engineer & Additional Production: Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama
Mixed by: Jesse Gander
Mastered by: Stuart Mckillop
Recorded in October 2016 at the following studios: The Noiz Faktory (Georgetown, Texas)/ La Casa Del Mal (Austin, Texas)/ Buziraco's Lair.
Mixed and Mastered January 2017 at: Rain City Recorders (Vancouver, Canada)
Art by: Waguna Wiryawan

HeadCrusher is:

Alejandro Ospina: Drums
Carlos Ramirez: Guitar
David Coloma: Guitar
Gustavo Calderon: Bass
Kike Valderrama: Vocals




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