DINING WITH DOGS: MetalSucks Premieres "Puzzled" Video By Austin Trio; The Problem With Friends LP Out Now + Bailproject Fundraiser Ongoing Thursday June 4 2020, 7:45 PM
DINING WITH DOGS: MetalSucks Premieres "Puzzled" Video By Austin Trio; The Problem With Friends LP Out Now + Bailproject Fundraiser Ongoing

MetalSucks is hosting the premiere of "Puzzled," the new video from Texas noise rock trio DINING WITH DOGS and their new debut LP, The Problem With Friends. The video has been issued as the band joins forces with fellow Austin-based artists to raise funds for the Bailproject in support of the ongoing protests happening across the country.


DINING WITH DOGS sees The Dead See's drummer Josh Paul and guitarist/vocalist Mark Key (also of BLK OPS) joined by bassist and video artist Marcos Morales. Their debut full-length The Problem With Friends boasts ten bruising tracks which fuse noise rock riffage cranked to gnarled, sludgy depths with an intoxicating, psychedelic aura.


Morales, who created the video, writes, "'Puzzled''s nihilistic lyrics trapped in the beauty of the music are meant to put you at ease with the inevitable. The lyrics, written for Mark's daughter, are about coming to terms with life's unrelenting one-way march to death.


Our poor subject wallows in the wreckage and ruin of his wasted life, all while the iridescent cosmicscape of eternity flickers above his head. If he would just look up, he would be able to take in the beauty of it, before the wondrous void ultimately consumes his brief existence.


This video was the first fully realized experiment in this style for me. Real world photography is my first and forever love, but animation brings a freedom to achieve imagery I can't yet replicate practically. My drawing is awful, as any of the lucky few who have seen my storyboard pitch vids can tell you. So, I collaborated with my friend and talented artist Walker Anders to draw a 2D emotive face I could animate rhythmically. I would fill the body and rest of the world out with 3D elements.


I was working on 'Puzzled' when Outer Heaven hit me up for the 'Putrid Dwelling' vid, and I used it to pitch and develop that style. I went even further into that realm with the Inter Arma 'Howling Lands' vid, and then got to circle back and apply some of those tricks I'd learned on 'Puzzled' before we actually put it out."


Writes MetalSucks, "I don't know what it is about the state of the world right now - everything sucks? it's literally burning? we're all angry? - but I haven't been able to get enough of AmRep-style noise rock lately. So when 'Puzzled,' the latest from Austin outfit DINING WITH DOGS crossed my inbox, I was instantly hooked by its downtrodden message and appropriately nihilistic animated video."


See DINING WITH DOGS' "Puzzled" video first at MetalSucks  RIGHT HERE .


The Problem With Friends is out now on 12" clear vinyl at the Dirt City webshop  HERE  and all digital outlets  HERE .


DINING WITH DOGS has joined Easy Prey and other Austin-based acts to host a raffle to raise money for  Bailproject.org  to aid protesters who have been arrested over the past week. The prizes include some music gear and album packages with a bunch of bands in the area and Worshipper cabs. The band is also donating all of this week's proceeds from  their webstore  through Sunday. Find the details on the band's  social media .

The Problem With Friends was recorded in Austin with Craig Delony, who contributed additional synth tracks to the process. Mixed by Brendan Tobin (Red Sparrowes, Made Out Of Babies), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Primitive Man, From Ashes Rise), and completed with artwork by Josh Paul, the LP will be released on a newly formed branch of Morales' Dirt City Studios, responsible for the direction of videos by Today Is The Day, Primitive Man, Inter Arma, and many more.



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