US Black/Death Metal Tormentors Unveil Inhumanly Crushing Debut LP - Track Premiered At Metal Injection. Monday June 1 2020, 10:06 PM
US Black/Death Metal Tormentors Unveil Inhumanly Crushing Debut LP - Track Premiered At Metal Injection.

Sentient Ruin is proud to welcome Portland OR black/death metal tormentors Diabolic Oath to its fold, via the imminent official release of the band’s harrowing debut LP “Profane Death Exodus”, scheduled for official release at the end of June. Diabolic Oath are an aberration unto their own for being the only currently known fully fretless extreme metal band in existence. Additionally, the band has no main vocalist but all three members share vocal duties equally, with quite devastating effects...

On the soul-crushing debut album the black/death/war metal plague-wielders unleash complete hell on earth, unravelling one of the most unnerving and annihilating displays of sonic tyranny to have been vomited out of the West Coast of the United States in recent times. While the influences drawn from bands like Teitanblood, Immolation, and Bestial Warlust help trace a profile, the album remains an enigmatic abhorrence quite hard to fully define or categorize, with its colossal yield of destruction shaped primarily through an unorthodox mastery of the fretless guitar and bass accompanied by a triple and often simultaneous vocal attack, an unusual and free-form approach to the black/death craft which has resulted in an album of almost otherworldly destructive traits. The ritualistic and esoteric symbolism and themes permeating the album add an extra layer of cryptic foulness to the music, while the decreased tempos borrowed from doom metal have given the band a tank-like sound that make it appear like an imposing aural monstrosity from which the listener will have no escape.

Metal Injection has unveiled the first track extrapolated from the cataclysmic LP, exclusively streaming the track “Opening the Gates to Blasphemic Domination” and remarking that “The five-minute offering is the first taste of the band's full-length record and a remarkable barometer for the evil the band constructs throughout the record.” - you can check out the feature and listen to the track  HERE .


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