SpaceX Astronauts Listened To AC/DC During Historic Launch Sunday May 31 2020, 2:13 PM
SpaceX Astronauts Listened To AC/DC During Historic Launch

Veteran astronauts   Doug Hurley   and   Bob Behnken   reportedly listened to   AC/DC 's   "Back In Black"   just prior to the launch of the   SpaceX   Crew Dragon spacecraft Saturday (May 30) from   NASA 's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.   Behnken , 49, and   Hurley , 53, headed to the   International Space Station   ( ISS ) in what marked the first-ever manned space launch by a private company in the history of the United States.

"We were told the astronauts listened to   'Back In Black'   from   AC/DC   on their way to the rocket,"   CNN 's   John Berman   reported. "In that vein, let's just say, for those about to launch, we salute you."

On Sunday morning,   Hurley   and   Behnken   docked with, and entered, the   International Space Station . After a wait for leak, pressure and temperature checks, the pair disembarked to join the Russian and American crew already on the   ISS .

According to ,   Hurley   and   Behnken   awoke on Sunday to   BLACK SABBATH 's   "Planet Caravan"   and the lyrics, "We sail through endless skies, stars shine like eyes." It's customary for   NASA   to wake its astronauts with music.

If all goes well with the crewed test flight, called Demo-2,   SpaceX   will soon begin launching astronauts to the   International Space Station   for   NASA   as well as other space agencies and private companies.

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