Corners of Sanctuary Goes Acoustic with Metal Machine Wednesday May 27 2020, 4:34 PM
Corners of Sanctuary Goes Acoustic with Metal Machine

Corners of Sanctuary Goes Acoustic with Metal Machine

Lockdown hasn't slowed the pace as Philly's Corners of Sanctuary (COS) drop their next round of COVID material.  A new version of the title track to band's 2015 album, "Metal Machine," gets an all acoustic makeover as COS released an in-studio performance video via YouTube and Facebook over the recent Memorial Day Weekend.

COS Quarantined Lockdown.jpg"Metal Machine" is part of the group's "Quarantined Lockdown" series which was made available for free in April.  "Metal Machine" and several more acoustic song versions to follow, are being hailed as the series' "The Second Wave."

A free download of “Quarantined Lockdown” can be obtained from the band’s official website by visiting:

Check out “Metal Machine” on Facebook at:

See “Metal Machine” on YouTube at:

"We had planned to do our part in the current social media streaming trend," said COS guitarist Mick Michaels.  "We wanted to do something different for us...something the fans would enjoy...acoustic versions of our songs felt appropriate."

The studio set video has three quarters of the band performing from Philadelphia while singer Stacey Lee belts out a very soulful, gritty vocal from his hometown of Chicago, IL.

“Doing the acoustic version was fun," said Lee. "It’s nice to strip a Metal song down and just jam."

COS Metal Machine Video promo 1.jpg

COS looks to release a follow up acoustic track sometime as the summer progresses.  In the meantime, the band is currently finishing up vocal tracks for their forthcoming album, "Heroes Never Die."

"We are definitely making head way to get this album finished," Michaels said. "We are doing what we can to make the most of the performance down time."

Corners of Sanctuary plans to resume live performances once the “stay in place” restrictions are lifted. The band is working on dates for December as well as making plans to return to the UK in early 2021 to support the new album.

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