The introduction you need to Netgigs! Sunday May 24 2020, 9:32 PM
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The introduction you need to Netgigs!


Netgigs is an Australian pay-per-view live streaming platform that allows artists to perform directly to their fans around the world, anytime anywhere. For music lovers, Netgigs allows you to watch your favourite artists live and on-demand, purchase merch, music, concert tickets and more. Simple.


Since the advent of file sharing, the music industry has had a love/hate relationship with the digital world. On one hand the internet offers artists an unlimited platform to sell, promote and distribute their work. On the other hand, changes in the way people buy and consume music leaves most artists with no way of making a fair income.

Live music is one of the last true avenues for artists to survive. That was until a pandemic forced every live music venue on the planet to close indefinitely! But artists around the world found the solution to lockdown, and in doing so showed the way forward for the industry. Livestreaming is the future of music.



Netgigs is a game-changer. Artists can stream content using professional production equipment, or directly from their smartphone using the Netgigs app. The technology is easy to use, provides artists with a range of features, and delivers the audience high quality video and audio. Best of all, artists are appropriately compensated for their work.


Netgigs helps artists monetise their live streaming and turn it into a powerful marketing tool. 

·       PAY-PER-VIEW – Each live stream makes money for the artist directly from their fans (60-80% depending on region)

·       ROYALTY COLLECTION – Netgigs has agreements with international collecting agencies, ensuring artists always receive due royalties (up to 20% depending on region).


This equation is perfectly simple. Fans want to see great content, streamed at high quality. The content is up to the artists... they can get as creative and adventurous as they please. The streaming quality is where Netgigs comes in.


Netgigs uses HTTP Live Streaming protocol (HLS) coupled with the H.265 codec – delivering twice the audio/video quality of H.264.


Netgigs provides everything an artist, label or manager needs, all in one place.

·       GEO-BLOCKING – Choose which countries can access your streaming content depending on your needs, licensing and global strategy.

·       DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (DRM) – Powerful encryption prevents piracy of your content.

·       ANALYTICS – Valuable insights that teach you more about your audience, their location and their preferences.

·       ECOMMERCE – Sell merch, music, tickets and more through a shopping cart with a multitude of secure payment gateways.

·       LIMITLESS SCALE, LIMITLESS REACH – Netgigs helps artists build their fanbase into a sustainable global community. We have public performance licenses and production studios in 100 countries and counting.

·       MARKETING & MEDIA – Netgigs has relationships with global media outlets, making marketing a dream. In Australia, Netgigs artists have options to enhance their promotional campaigns and reach millions of potential new fans through Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, News Corp, Nova and SCA.

·        INVOLVE FANS IN THE SHOW -  Netgigs chat enables both artists and fans to interact with each other while the show is happening. Fans can not only interact with the artist but also with each other while they are watching the show.


Right now is the perfect time for artists to establish their live streaming audience, while all of us are stuck indoors. But beyond the Covid-19 lockdown, Netgigs is the shape of things to come... a new era where artists can perform for a global audience, from their own homes, rehearsal rooms, venues or anywhere else.

Netgigs originated in Adelaide with companies now in Australia, USA and Ireland and PRO royalty licenses in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany.

“The music industry has the ability to be a leader in livestreaming, rather than wait for the technology to hit and be scared of it like we initially were with Spotify. The models are continually changing, and we as a music industry have to be proactive in making sure we are at the head of the change – and dictating what that change can be, rather than allow technology to dictate it for us.” David Grice, CEO, Netgigs

“If you're considering licensed platforms with ticketing or crowdfunding options, check out Netgigs.“ APRA AMCOS, 15 May 2020

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