Solarcycles' first EP "Ethereal Storms" will take your breath away. Sunday May 24 2020, 12:27 PM
Solarcycles' first EP "Ethereal Storms" will take your breath away.

Who are Solarcycles?
Coming from the Netherlands, Solarcycles is a female-fronted folk metal band with heavy Celtic and Scandinavian influences. They masterfully incorporate orchestrations and violins alongside the usual set of instruments we find in folk metal, crafting a majestic and epic instrumental base over which we find Sascha van der Meer's breathtaking voice leading us into what the band itself describes as 'an esoteric journey propelled by forces unable to behold'.

Being founded barely five years ago, Solarcycles have already proven themselves, reaching the finals of the prestigious 'De Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek' music competition back in December 2017, with only two years of experience playing together.
"Ethereal Storms"

Released during Celtic New Year in 2017, "Ethereal Storms" is Solarcycles' first EP and has been (and still is) received with huge enthusiasm and acclaimed by the critic both nationally and internationally.

The band's own sound is patent in each and every song of "Ethereal Storms"; emotional, doomy atmospheres reign supreme throughout this EP, setting them apart from other folk metal bands. This added to their powerful and magical live performances make Solarcycles a band set for success right from the very beginning, something we don't see often nowadays.

You can buy "Ethereal Storms" at:
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