Anti-Rap/Experimental single by White Devil Thursday May 21 2020, 1:18 PM
Anti-Rap/Experimental single by White Devil

White devil is an independent artist from Denver, CO who utilizes heavy bass, electronic and trap beats, metal and industrial guitar, and extensive sampling from current news, hip hop music, and cult horror movies to create a collage of sonic intensity. Beginning with the premise, “what if ‘The White Devil’ himself made a rap album, White Devil is a dare gone out of control. Created to emulate yet humiliate the idiosyncrasies of rap culture, White Devil is a parody of itself, fueled with an unquenchable urge to offend in every possible way. Whenever White Devil finds a line, he is obliged to cross it.

The album ‘Blame it on the Goat’ is highly entertaining and occasionally humorous, but still maintains an undeniable edge. It offers a form of abstract social commentary that not only pulls no punches, but lays into them with intellectual fury, leaving the listener appalled yet entranced. Lyrical themes are extreme and vulgar, ranging from cannibalism, porn, racism, genocide, rape, and gang violence. The ambience is delightfully demonic and intentionally creepy, and attempts to recreate a hallucinogenic journey into the mind of the White Devil.

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