Montreal's [Evertrapped] Streaming New Album "The Last Extinction" via Decibel Mag Thursday May 21 2020, 12:45 PM
Montreal's [Evertrapped] Streaming New Album "The Last Extinction" via Decibel Mag

L-R - Frederick Dupuis (Guitar), Vincent Benoit (Guitar), James Brookes (Vocals), Eric Lemirs (Drums), John Yates (Bass)
Photo Credit: Frederick Blanchette

Set to unleash their fourth studio album “The Last Extinction”, Montreal melodic death metal quintet [EVERTRAPPED] has teamed with Decibel Magazine for the release's full stream premiere before it officially drops on May 22, 2020.

Listen to "The Last Extinction" in full  HERE .

"The Last Extinction" is a mix of the band's sound that was defined on “The Anomaly” (2012) and “Under The Deep” (2015). With influences ranging from death metal to melodic death primarily, along with some classic thrash and speed metal, which explains their technicality and diversity sonically, the album overall will give fans a very heavy post-apocalypse feel. It’s meant to mix the dark and light of the end of all things. Fans of Arch Enemy, Persefone, Whitechapel, Death, and Fleshgod Apocalypse will feel the whirlwind of aggression.

Vocalist James Brookes adds:

"The album overall has a very heavy post-apocalypse feel. It’s meant to mix the dark and light of the end of all things. For example, how the end would bring about great darkness so to speak in our minuscule occupied area of the universe, but at the same time it brings about this unexpected sense of bittersweet relief. Some songs are more down to earth in their subject matter but none the less written in an abstract way, whereas others take a more third-person look at this apocalyptic feel from a universal standpoint. I suppose the genre of the lyrics would be an equal mix of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia."

Since 2007, [Evertrapped] has brought together their collective experience from the Montreal metal scene to create their heavy brand of melodic death metal. The guitarists Frederick Dupuis (ex-Daggerfalls) and Vincent Benoit hammer out raw guitar while drummer Eric Lemire (ex-Apocalypsys, ex-Ice Castle) pummels the drums. Their versatile frontman James Brookes (ex-Ammonia, ex-One Final Moment, Continuum) easily alternates between strong clear vocals and low bellowing screams giving listeners the illusion of more than one vocalist. John Yates (ex-AraPacis) weaves together each song with his driving bass lines to keep the energy of the punishing track at an all-time high.

Their lyrics come from two places. One from the dark and exaggerated metaphors for things actually based on personal events. The other is lyrics that are only loosely based in reality and have an almost fantasy-like appeal. Sometimes the reality can be based on what could be the actual state of the world as it is or an image of a future where the world is on the brink of an apocalypse. The overall idea is that the lyrics are not meant to be understood at face value in any way. It’s an art form that’s open to interpretation by the listener. 

[Evertrapped]'s new album "The Last Extinction" will be available for stream and download on  Spotify  and  Apple Music  as of May 22nd. 

The album pre-order is available FOR ONLY $1 on Bandcamp  HERE .

Music Video 'Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) '  HERE .
Lyric Video 'Truth Behind Disorder'  HERE .

Track Listing:
1. Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) (7:35)
2. Truth Behind Disorder (5:30)
3. Across The Disease (5:49)
4. Titan (5:52)
5. The First Machine (5:59)
6. The Last Extinction (6:10)
7. Illusion (7:08)
8. Stillborn Era (5:26)
9. Learning To Kill (7:52)
Album Length:  57:24

"If you're looking for some heavy Lamb Of God vibes, heavier than the newer Lamb Of God has to offer, this is the band you've been needing in your life. The main chunk of the song(Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)) is straight to the point heavy metal. Harsh, aggressive, and ready to go." - Metal Injection

‘’Those looking for melodic death metal on the heavier end of the spectrum need apply here…be ready to pump some fists, bang some heads, and reminisce back to a time when melodic death metal wasn’t all about clean, poppy choruses – just raw and memorable carnage.’’  - Dead Rhetoric

"I've played with some of the best metal drummers in the world and I'd put you up alongside them any day!" - Jeff Waters (Annihilator guitarist)

 "Evertrapped, and as they lay their claim as one of the front runners of melodic death metal in all of the land" - Bucket List Music Reviews

‘’This is Headbanging 101, take your seat.’’  - Metal Trenches

‘’It’s clear these guys are not followers. They make their own brand of Melodic Death.’’  - Metal France

‘’If you want your dose of Melodic Death to be as brutal as possible, you won’t be disappointed with Under The Deep.’’ - Metal Universe

‘’Under The Deep is a full-throttle melodic death metal release that endlessly descends into new layers of carnage as the album progresses.’’  - Worship Metal

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