The Obelisk premieres video for "The Man Machine" from Circle of Sighs Tuesday May 19 2020, 8:28 PM
The Obelisk premieres video for "The Man Machine" from Circle of Sighs

Today, revered and beloved heavy underground music site premiered the video for "The Man Machine" from dark-synth doom destroyers Circle of Sighs. 

Circle of Sighs' dystopian spin on the Kraftwerk classic pairs trudging doom metal riffs with ambient synths and vocoder harmonies and was captured in a VHS-glitched video that recalls the after-hours programming of mid-1980s MTV. 

The anonymous Los Angeles-based collective revealed that this song was chosen as their lead-off single because it crystalized the "synthesis vs nature" theme of their debut album 'Salo,' as well as embodying the mechanical/organic contrasts that inform their sound.

'Salo' is nine songs of of existential heaviness: Digital beats, downtuned riffs, harsh keyboards, and warm tube amps. Their genre-bending and -blending dredges the uncanny valley to cull a sound both strange and familiar. 

Available June 19th, 2020 on CD, Digital, and limited-edition cassette! Pre-order today!  

For fans of: Yob, Tubeway Army, Pallbearer, Opeth, Depeche Mode, Neurosis, Drab Majesty

“Atmosphere aplenty accompanied by a vast cosmic ethereal nature. Huge riffs and an undeniable ‘presence’ you could well lose yourself within if given the appropriate accouterments. In short, doom, but doused in Bowie-esque progressive elements and dark synth. An outstanding combination which needs to be heard to be appreciated.” - Cult Metal Flix

“Transcendent in its heaviness.” - LA Weekly 


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