Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Attacks His Brother For Leaving Facebook? Wednesday June 28 2017, 7:03 PM
Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Attacks His Brother For Leaving Facebook?

Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis reacted to Peter Cornell’s Facebook post where he announced that he was going dark on social media since he was being ‘bullied’ and ‘threatened’ due to his pushup challenge to raise awareness for suicide prevention in honor of his late brother.

Peter wrote, “It’s difficult to imagine this path of healing has generated detractors. Bullies. I am being bullied, emotionally and as of today, threatened. Bullied to change the narrative of this awareness message. Change the message or just drop it entirely. It has reached a point where my own mental health, my sobriety and the safety of my family are at risk. And this bullying is coming from a place I never could have imagined.”

Karayiannis responded on Instagram in a new post, though she did not name Peter Cornell by name:

“We love you and miss you Christopher!What’s important we have 14 yrs of family happiness , love, videos w kids ,photographs every single day! Some claim they knew u!One photograph a year that lasted a second?One text message a year or yrs?Not a phone call, never!But they claim they know as fact suicide depression! Did u see Chris that day or any day of that year? Before u diagnose remind me when u saw him last?So your diagnose is suicide from the picture u took on his concert months ago? Years ago ?

Saw me how many times the last yr u saw ChrisCornell and for how long?? I was w him 24/7 and I can say he was happy as can be! U have a crystal ball and u can tell us I guess and fool the fans! Tell me when u saw Chris and for how long? Pictures on concerts! Fans have them too! Prove me wrong! Tell me since u were not around him how can u say anything except I’m sorry , love you Chris bec he was the hand who fed you for years! True no??U never saw him except a second on a concert like every one else!

Sell your story to those who don’t know, not to me! Protect the children from nightmares! That’s awareness ! Telling them u know was suicide ,what message u give the kids u claim u love?They don’t except that ,all three, but u insist w nothing to gain ? Really?? But all u post is your music not his! His fans u talk to! Why?Say I don’t really know your dad but I’m here for u!

Who bully you to stop? Continue if u want to spread lies! I continue w my truth! U don’t know him bec u never saw him ever! Except being the hand that fed u!! I would never open my mouth!But hurting the kids w your lies for self promote? There are many other avenues! We could of help u w honesty! Not going against kids wishes at a vulnerable moment! I’m sorry!” Via

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