SARCOFAGUS Release Limited Edition “Core Values” CD, Lyrical Promo Video And New Material From Next Album “Sampo” Monday May 18 2020, 12:37 PM
SARCOFAGUS Release Limited Edition “Core Values” CD, Lyrical Promo Video And New Material From Next Album “Sampo”

ARCOFAGUS Release Limited Edition “Core Values” CD, Lyrical Promo Video And New Material From Next Album “Sampo”
SARCOFAGUS, The Godfathers of Finnish Heavy Metal, fronted by filmmaker and guitarist Kimmo Kuusniemi, are re-releasing a limited edition of their 2007 “Core Values” album.
“Core Values has been off the market for 14 years. The album was, as the name indicates, lyrically, a very dark look into our society. In 14 years, none of the issues have gotten better, on the contrary things are getting worse”, says filmmaker and the guitarist and songwriter of Sarcofagus, Kimmo Kuusniemi.
“Core Values” was completed in 2004 and released originally in 2007. Says Kuusniemi: “I was very busy working on an international TV series, so I had to give away the distribution of the album. CORE VALUES received good revues, but not enough was done to sell it. I took it off the market just after a year.”
In November 2019, Kuusniemi recorded a video message about the “Core Values” release and his thoughts about his upcoming album. “My albums have always had social commentary as many of my films have. I had come to the conclusions on the video long before the Covid19 pandemic arrived, but now the message of “Core Values” seems more accurate than ever”.
The “Core Values” CD release is a limited edition. “It has the original 2004 print covers that where never used, and the CDs will be NUMBERED and AUTOGRAPHED. 
They are only available from the Sarcofagus website: Check out the promotional lyric video for the “Core Values” release, and a sample of a new song from “Sampo”:
NOTE: As a bonus track for the re-release of “Core Values”, Kuusniemi releases the first new track from his upcoming solo album “Sampo”. “The new album is also tied to a film project… but more about that later”, says Kuusniemi.
Watch the video here:
Kimmo Kuusniemi
A Finnish heavy metal pioneer, Kimmo Kuusniemi lives in the UK and is film maker by trade. He is the director and producer of hundreds of corporate, social and music videos, among them The Promised Land of Heavy Metal (2008), a full-length international documentary about Finland’s heavy metal scene. On the side, he has often worked on non-profit work, e.g. the music video and extended single “Dream On” for the World Wide Fund for Nature International, a project that made Music Television headlines for a week and was the first Finnish music project to break the MTV threshold. 
“I did that in 1991. Now, 29 years later, here in UK we have finally started to talk about environmental issues. We had that 30 years ago in Finland… In fact, as a musician, I have become bored of lyrics with a message, most of which have been sung time after time anyway. Hence, my next album will have no lyrics”, Kuusniemi says, smiling mysteriously
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