Back from the abyss! ZEBADAIAH CROWE return with a furious new album of wicked black thrash, HOST RIDER! Monday May 18 2020, 12:32 PM
Back from the abyss! ZEBADAIAH CROWE return with a furious new album of wicked black thrash, HOST RIDER!

The silence has been long, the wait interminable, but at long last patience is rewarded and Zebadiah Crowe are returned from the black. Armed with a new album, Host Rider, their first in over eight years, the demons of darkness are back with their inimitable blend of violent thrash, chilling black metal and belligerent devil-may-care attitude. Swathed in blood and crowned with filth, the resurrected Zebadiah Crowe are madder, badder and far more dangerous to know.

Host Rider consists of seven songs which retain the very faintest of grasps on sanity. Mainlining aggression and tripping on the screams of the eternally lost, these hymns to the old gods, the broken and demented once deities, are absolutely single-minded in their vicious attack. A cold mechanistic core powers the maelstrom of chaos that surrounds it, a whirlwind of knives that pares soul from flesh and flesh from bone. The level of savagery displayed throughout Host Rider should come as no surprise though; lest we forget, Zebadiah Crowe have strode the highways with Vader, Grave, Gorgoroth, Anaal Nathrakh and Marduk...they have earned their scars and taken them from the best. Now, with bestial battle cries like ‘A Tincture Of Malice’ and ‘Mantel Of Nails And Orphan Skin’ they have an album that stands proud next to their infernal teachers. Host Rider will walk the fields of conflict, crunching bones beneath its feet.

A new alliance has been forged with Lore Breaker Records, who will let loose the sickness of Host Rider on June 15th. This second coming of Zebadiah Crowe will be no brief visitation, but a world possession. Hell willing, these devils will never fall silent again.

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