DANIEL HEIMAN.....the new voice of WARRIOR PATH!!! Friday May 15 2020, 11:32 AM
DANIEL HEIMAN.....the new voice of WARRIOR PATH!!!





Dear fans of Warrior Path,


Since the release of our self-titled debut album, we saw a response we never thought would happen: our album made it to a lot of “Album of the Year” lists worldwide, quickly sold out the initial CD & Vinyl pressing and brought numerous new fans and friends who supported it in every way possible.


Did we expect it? Hell, no!


Andreas wrote this album some 15 years ago in his room with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a wild imagination and a dream that someday this would be properly recorded so he can enjoy it himself.

When he entered Sound Symmetry Studio and played me the material, I knew that this wasn’t “just” another Heavy Metal album. It was his heart and soul and love for this Music and this should be shared with the people.


His only condition in producing the album was that he wanted the very best for it and make it exactly as he was listening this album in his mind for all these years.


This led us on choosing our first singer who did a phenomenal work and brought all these epic tales to life.


Moving on to the second album, he insisted on the exact same principals.

So, for the past year we’ve been searching high & low, listening to numerous singers and also taking our fans’ suggestions after consideration we ended up in choosing someone we always thought as one of the greatest singers that ever sang on a Power Metal band, mr…Daniel Heiman!


Daniel is widely known from his stellar work on the legendary Lost Horizon albums and since then, he has been extremely picky on his collaborations, so this makes us really happy, thankful and most of all hyped for the next album.


All the music is already composed and pre-produced and now that the lockdown is slowly ending we can begin the recordings of the new album that will be out in the fall of 2020.


Thank you very much for your support and faith in Warrior Path, we promise that we will deliver some music worth the wait.


Bob Katsionis/Warrior Path


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