Toronto Doom Duo ITUS Shares Lyric Video “Primordial” via TheObelisk Tuesday May 5 2020, 1:24 PM
Toronto Doom Duo ITUS Shares Lyric Video “Primordial” via TheObelisk

Unleashing their debut EP  "Primordial"  this past March, a  first of two that will culminate into a full-length album, Toronto doom duo  ITUS  is sharing with fans the lyric video for the release's title track. 

"‘Primordial’ comes off very abrasively after the calm opening like the listener is watching the creature being revealed in a horror movie."  adds the band.

The lyric video can be viewed via its premiere on  TheObelisk  HERE .

Formed by Brandon Lucking (guitars) and Reinier Vandenbosch (vocals), who at the time, were in another band with a different style but looking to try something new.  ITUS  is the result of these Ontario boys blending doom and stoner rock with crushing heavy metal passages, in a psychedelic atmosphere of horror influenced sounds.

The writing process is fairly simple for ITUS, Lucking writes the melodies as they come to him, and Vandenbosch writes the vocals and lyrics. The foundation of the lyrics always starts from personal experience, traumas, and how events in life unfold, which are further imbued with influence from science fiction and horror fiction, mythology, dark philosophy, and political angst.

The soundscape of horrors that  ITUS  paints is enthralling already as a two-piece online project, and there are plans on the horizon to build it into a full-on touring 3 piece band delivering an energetic and abrasive live experience with a heavy, brooding ambiance.

Their debut EP  "Primordial"  focuses around aggressive, dark and primal concepts and embrace the death metal roots of the duo. They explain further

“We think that this EP will manage to ensnare those who are into heavier music, as well as attract other listeners who may not be so into death metal and related genres. The clean vocals and bright lead guitars really lighten up the darker, heavier passages of the songs. Reinier’s aggressive, chortling screams and yelling portrays an unhinged,  brooding darkness, sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.”

Fans of Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Left Behind are sure to enjoy the doomy, stoner and psychedelic rock rumbles of  ITUS  and their debut  "Primordial" .

The EP is available on  Bandcamp  and  Spotify .

‘Primordial’   here.
'This Can't Be'   here .
'The Chaplain'   here .

Track Listing:

1. Cloud Reader (3:17)
2. Question Everything (4:16)
3. Primordial (4:13)
4. This Can’t Be (4:19)
5. The Chaplain (5:43)
EP Length: 21:50

"Blending their love of doom, stoner rock and its attendant psychedelia, Ontario trio Itus have created a colossal debut in Primordial." 9/10 - Exclaim!
"Love doom and sludge metal, but find yourself frustrated that those bands that would monolithically crush the listener fail to pay nearly as much attention to injecting some measure of melody into their music? Ontario duo ITUS may be the cure to what ails ya. Starting with downcast sludgy stoner doom, the pair of guitarist Brandon Lucking and vocalist Reiner Vandenbosch also aren’t shy about making use of psychedelic rock and good ol’ fashioned heavy metal to get their point across. Think of it like Graves at Sea and Conan discovering the magic power of Tony Iommi’s fake fingertips and the blinding quality of a vintage Hawkwind live show." - Decibel Magazine
“Primordial is a great release as it treats you to five unique tracks. Never once do you hear the same thing as ITUS truly does a great job of keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what you are about to hear next. Through and through this is a well crafted and cohesive effort that you would be unwise to skip over.” – Cadaver Garden
““This Can’t Be” is a change of pace from the record’s ravenous namesake single which came out earlier in the month. It’s a moving window into their world, with clean vocals this time reminiscent of Woods of Ypres and a vibe that fans of Pallbearer should have no trouble at all falling in love with.” – Doomed And Stoned
"“The Chaplain” sounds like the languid expansion of the universe; the impassive serenity of planetary movement; the inexorable eroding of rock by wind and water; the absurd “progress” of humanity set against a backdrop of endless time. It’s achingly heavy and crushingly slow, just like epic doom should be... ITUS drive all thought from your mind and leave only doom behind… " - CVLT Nation
"This EP is shrouded in a dark and eerie atmosphere from the instant you put it on, but despite that very consistent vibe, there is a lot of variation going on in the lyrics and sound. The production on here is immaculate, these riffs are just enormous, they swallow you whole… Just how I like my doom!... Seriously, the riffs alone are worth listening for! Definitely going to be the EP to beat this year." 8/10  - Noob Heavy
"... an EP that packs a punch and holds its ground that’s for sure... The intensity really shines and each song generates it more and more. You have the rhythmic highs and lows of the genre and all your senses are overwhelmed. It really makes the listener want even more and you kinda feel depressed when it’s all over so you decide to listen to it all over again! This is the type of EP that you just place inside your CD Player or on your MP3 player and just let all that negative vibes leave your body. You just listen to it and forget about everything all around you especially in this world of sickness, chaos and crisis. A modern twist to an overcharged genre!" 8/10 - Metal-Temple


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