CHRIS CORNELL, The Detroit Morgue & Botched Autopsies! Friday June 23 2017, 6:17 PM
CHRIS CORNELL, The Detroit Morgue & Botched Autopsies!

TMD has begun a new separate investigation into the Wayne County Morgue in Detroit.

Medical Examiner Theodore Brown appears to be overworked, being rushed to handle too many cases, and this is why he missed an obvious forensic clue in the Chris Cornell case. Either that or he simply lacks the knowledge or expertise to properly assess the matter.

TMD has learned that a report filed back in 2011 highlighted the grave problem the Detroit morgue was having keeping up with doing its job: ‘Dying in Wayne County is the worst thing you can do for yourself’…

The report details the poor working conditions:

Two years after national media outlets declared Detroit “too broke to bury” its dead, problems persist at the Wayne County morgue.

Fox 2 reports that county budget cuts have left a skeleton staff — one medical examiner, four pathologists and 10 investigators — to deal with around 13,000 death calls a year.

As a result, families were forced to wait an average of six months for death certificates typically required to collect insurance, police investigations have been delayed and funeral directors are complaining that botched autopsies are forcing them to hold closed casket services.

Botched autopsies seems about right… now knowing they totally dropped the ball
on the Chris Cornell case.

“Dying in Wayne County is the worst thing you can do for yourself,” said Faye Mickens, whose daughter died in an ambulance in the middle of a hospital transfer from West Bloomfield.

According to this chilling 2016 report, titled “Post Mortem,” which offers a disturbing look at coroner and medical examiner offices around the country, this “botched autopsy culture” is a major problem that has been going on for years in Detroit and other major cities around the USA.

Once this case is reopened and changed to homicide as I fully believe it will one day it will make the disgraced medical examiner who ruined lives by providing misguided expert opinion have to face a severe disciplinary action that should potentially include him being stripped of his medical license.

What good is someone if they cannot do the correct job?

Chris Cornell deserves a proper full death investigation, don’t you think?

“Dying in Wayne County is the worst thing you can do for yourself,” Faye Mickens said.

Thanks, Faye. Boy, do we sure all get that loud and clear - Via Randy Rocket Cody & TMD


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