THE MUNSENS: Denver Doom Trio On Plague Of Shit 2017 Friday June 23 2017, 11:20 AM
THE MUNSENS: Denver Doom Trio On Plague Of Shit 2017

Fresh off a standout appearance June 16th at the second Electric Funeral Festival, Denver, Colorado doom metal trio THE MUNSENS will keep the momentum rolling, embarking on their fourteen-date Plague Of Shit tour through the American West where they will continue to support their Abbey Rose release, as well as unveil a couple tracks off their currently untitled debut full-length, slated for a late fall release.

Originating out of their hometown on July 7th, THE MUNSENS will pummel their way through Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona through July 22nd, with some of the standout shows including a kickoff show with Oryx, a performance at Crawfest X in Powell Butte, Oregon - an outdoor festival in the Oregon high desert - and a set at the Transworld Skateboarding movie premiere in Oceanside, California.

THE MUNSENS Plague Of Shit 2017:

7/07/2017 Lost Lake - Denver, CO *Tour Kickoff w/ Oryx, Ghosts Of Glaciers [ info ]

7/08/2017 Back Alley Pub - Great Falls, MT w/ Empty Gunfight, Jolly Jane [ info ]

7/09/2017 Old School Records - Kalispell, MT w/ Wizzerd

7/10/2017 The Pin - Spokane, WA w/ Benign, Tsuga

7/11/2017 The Kraken - Seattle, WA w/ Slut Penguin, PissWand

7/12/2017 The Albatross - Astoria, OR

7/13/2017 DI Pizza - Redmond, OR w/ Hocus, Solo Viaje [ info ]

7/14/2017 Crawfest X - Powell Butte, OR [ info ]

7/15/2017 Kenton Club - Portland, OR w/ Disenchanter, Red Cloud, Chronoclops [ info ]

7/18/2017 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA w/ Astral Cult, Yarrow

7/19/2017 Siren Song Tavern - Eureka, CA w/ Ultramafic

7/20/2017 Shea's Tavern - Reno, NV w/ Thünderhead, American Slacker Society [ info ]

7/21/2017 The Pourhouse - Oceanside, CA *Transworld Skateboarding premiere w/ Los Micheladas

7/22/2017 Master's Chambers - Tempe, AZ w/ Grey Gallows, Thrä, Black Habit [ info ]

Stand by for more updates on THE MUNSENS upcoming live actions and more on their upcoming album in the weeks ahead.

THE MUNSENS has remained a bit of an enigma over the last handful of years due to the scattered whereabouts of the band's members, surfacing intermittently for a sporadic arrangement of tours and a pair of releases. 2016 saw the most prominent establishment of the group thus far, with the entire band now residing in the same city (Denver) for the first time in the band's career, featuring a rearranged lineup, which has helped them return to the raw and aggressive live performances that had previously defined the band.

THE MUNSENS made a handful of appearances in Denver during the summer and fall of 2016 and followed up with the release of their first recordings in nearly two years, following up on 2014's Weight Of Night EP, via a forty-five-minute EP titled Abbey Rose. For its initial offering, Abbey Rose was released on cassette for the band's two early-2017 tours, a solo run through the Southwest that included performances with Goya, Slow Season, Red Wizard, Lords Of Beacon House, Great Electric Quest, Malahierba and more, and a joint SXSW tour with fellow Denver rippers, Cloud Catcher, that included appearances at Boss Tweed Backline's Black Smoke Conjuring and the SXSW Stoner Jam at Spider House.

Abbey Rose was met with outstanding reactions from the media, including The Obelisk who praised, "while I might argue that something with such a front to back flow that also happens to be 40 minutes long is an album whether THE MUNSENS want it to be or not, what they've specifically positioned as a second EP gives more than an ample showing of their hefty wares going into a long-player planned for release next year. If this is them laying groundwork, they're making sure that ground is duly flattened before they build on it." Doomed & Stoned offered, "THE MUNSENS are clearly going for the long game with Abbey Rose, preferring a carefully crafted climate of fear and loathing over quick thrills. These insistent riffs burrow deep into the subconscious, baptizing us into a world of the uncanny." The Burning Beard wrote, "It's an impressive EP (though I'm having a tough time not thinking of it as at least a mini-album), with the whole of it almost feeling more like one long-ass song split into four parts for easier consumption. However you wanna look at it, it's some damn fine doom of a more serious bent than most modern doom bands..."

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