Stream The new Album From Egypt - Cracks And Lines! Tuesday June 20 2017, 12:00 AM
Stream The new Album From Egypt - Cracks And Lines!

Back in 2005, an unknown heavy rock trio from Fargo, North Dakota, released a self-titled demo on a CD-R, and it turned out to be a record that just wouldn’t go away. Egypt’s Egypt smoldered for the next several years on the basis of underground word-of-mouth, to the point that Lyderhorn Records put it out on vinyl in 2007 and cult stoner imprint MeteorCity picked it up for a CD release in 2009. There’s nothing happenstance about it, and in an age where word can travel faster than it ever has, Egypt have slow-burned their way to the fore of the American stoner rock underground. Cracks And Lines is their latest full length record, released in June 2017. Egypt are back more raucous and gritty than before with a platter of essential stoner/hard rock delights. - Frazer Jones

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