Who's This Trapt Guy & Why's He Trying To Fight Everyone? Tuesday April 21 2020, 7:13 PM
Who's This Trapt Guy & Why's He Trying To Fight Everyone?

I don't know who this Trapt guy is or what he does but all of a sudden its all i see in my news feed from all the metal websites i follow. Apparently he is in some band called " Trapt ", which i have never heard of and he is trying to fight a bunch of other people in other bands bands. It started with back and forth tweets of what honestly looked like petty juvenile dissing and trolling, so i pretty much ignored most of it and did not figure i would publish an article about it. Today he is challenging BODY COUNT 's ICE T to a fist fight to the death, " bare knuckle " as he says. So i figured i would share this, as it is actually kind of entertaining in a really lame Jerry Springer way. We are all at home stuck in quarantine so why not. Something tells me this will not end well though. Conservative metal heads finally have a new hero...

Here are some of the tweets:

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