Free Metal Compilation - Stay The Fvck Home #CovidEdition - Metal For Your Isolation Thursday April 16 2020, 12:50 PM
Free Metal Compilation - Stay The Fvck Home #CovidEdition - Metal For Your Isolation

Hey metalheads! Has the Covid-19 cabin fever gotten to you yet? Asher Media Relations has released a sampler of choice tunes to ease the monotony of quarantine whilst you stay the fvck at home. 

Featuring over 60 tracks, the four and half hours of music ranging from thrash to death, from power to prog, this is the perfect metal soundtrack for your isolation. There is something for everyone on this mix and it’s great background music for duct-taping your kids to the wall, cutting your partner’s hair, playing games or just lamenting about the times when you could crush some beers in the alley behind your local dive bar.

These are some trying times we are currently living in, tours are cancelled, album releases are delayed, where is one to get their metal fix in the times of Covid-19?

Asher Media Relations has you covered with this new digital sampler of some of the finest underground bands.

"Stay The Fvck Home #CovidEdition - Metal For Your Isolation" is available for  FREE DOWNLOAD over at Bandcamp HERE

If you like what you hear go check out the featured bands!

Bands included are:

Ravioli Musick, Accursed Spawn, All Else Fails, Artach, Backstabber, BADGUYSWIN, Benevolent Like Quietus, Black Absinthe, Blackcast, Black Pestilence, Born Broken, Celestial Ruin, Concrete Funeral, Cryptonight, Death Note Silence, Diamonds On Neptune, Die Another Day, Dyatlove, Elektric Mistress, [Evertrapped], Fractures & Outlines, Gorlvsh, Held In Secret, Helsott, Imonolith, Infrared, Insurrection, Iron Kingdom, Juliet Ruin, Jupiter Hollow, Killitorous, Kosm, Krvsade, Lakeman, Lost In Static, Maudiir, Messora, Never Elected, Oculum Dei, Pile of Priests, Pink Cocoon, Plague Weaver, Protosequence, Raider, Ravioli Musick, Red Cain, RivetSkull, Scimitar, Sophist, Special Ops, Sun Below, Surface of the Sun, Tales of The Tomb, The Bloody Hell, The Flaying, The Order of Chaos, Third Chamber, Thrash La Reine, Turbo, Tymo, Tzimani, Vantablack Warship, Widow's Peak, Within Nostalgia, Your Last Wish.

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