Canadian Blackened Doom Metal PLAGUE WEAVER Spreads Darkness With Music Video 'The Traveller' Wednesday April 15 2020, 8:35 PM
Canadian Blackened Doom Metal PLAGUE WEAVER Spreads Darkness With Music Video 'The Traveller'

Toronto’s Plague Weaver released a new EP “Through The Sulphur Eyes” in January 2020 and now has a music video out for the track 'The Traveller'.

Watch the video HERE .

Aiming to create black metal with a sickening atmosphere, the solo project of RM offers up the bleak video, which compliments the black metal it is set to, characterized by pounding, slow, dissonant riffs. Creator RM explains the EP as a whole:

“The new EP is a continuation of work that began on our self-titled debut. It’s still black metal with elements of doom metal, but with a little bit of a different approach - more spoken words, more atmosphere and a guest solo in ‘Unchained, recorded by Derryl Vi.”

Follow up on the debut, self-titled release from last year, “Through The Sulphur Eyes” is blackened doom mixed with faster, melodic parts and fans will appreciate the consistency.

There is more in the works from Plague Weaver, a full-length release has been hinted at, and the establishment of a live lineup for performances.

For fans of Rotting Christ, Varathron, old Samael, Triptykon, and Dissection, the album is available now on  Plagueweaver.bandcamp. com Spotify  and  iTunes

Track Listing:
1. Through The Sulphur Eyes (4:38)
2. The Traveller (4:20)
3. Descent (4:24)
4. Unchained (5:22)
5. Alchemy (4:51)
EP Length: 23:37

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Plague Weaver / session vocal : Rad Zarei
• All songs written by: RM
• Produced by: RM
• Mixed by: RM
• Mastered by: RM
• Album Artwork by: Wintershadow
Album Band Line Up: RM
Live Band Line Up: TBA

For more info:


Plague Weaver is Black/Doom metal from Canada; created in December 2018 by RM. The original idea was to create music in the vein of old school Black metal mixed with other musical influences coming from Death/Doom metal.

Black metal mixed with a sickening atmosphere is what’s in store for listeners as the solo project of RM; it is the musical interpretation of RM’s vision of the world, philosophy, the occult, and general experiences. It is the culmination of over 25 years of travel through metal /dark ambient/ experimental music RM has created.

A debut self-titled EP was released in 2019 and is followed up in 2020 with the EP “Through The Sulphur Eyes”.

Plague Weaver is a solo project, but there are plans to create a live lineup for performances.

““Through The Sulfur Eyes” is a solid EP… the overall sound that is achieved is impressive… PLAGUE WEAVER has an interesting doom-like black metal sound that works well with layered deep and high-pitched vocals. I think fans of doom metal and black metal aficionados will appreciate this one.” 8/ 10 – Metal Temple
“From the moaning leads to the slow lurching cadence and the deep monstrous roars, the opening of the title song sounds like the beginning of a death/doom track, but although that oppressive feeling of plague and decay persists, the band also pitch into fits of percussive mayhem, fevered riffing, and vocal madness, and they stitch flickering bits of guitar lunacy into the song as well.” – No Clean Singing
“breaking through to listeners in 2020 is a seriously steep hill to climb and bands have to either push the envelope, do something that can’t be found elsewhere, or just amaze and electrify with each release to grab attention and stay relevant. Plague Weaver do all that on Through the Sulphur Eyes and it’s up to you to show them how good a job they’ve done. What I’m saying is, go buy it. Now.” – Nine Circles
“Through crawling malignancy is how Plague Weaver approach their art, and these songs are filled with grim mood and malevolent auras” Indy Metal Vault
“There’s a darkness running throughout Through the Sulphur Eyes that is quite powerful… The riffs are weighty, drenched in a toxic malaise, yet also possessing the razor-sharp cutting edge of underground black metal. It’s a captivating combination, that moves forward at a steady, relentless pace. What really lingers though is a feeling of uncleanliness; this music is corrosive, carrying with it a taint of infection and, well, plague.” – The Sound Not The Word
“”Plague Weaver” are a collection of melancholic and sorrowful tunes that drag you deep into hell.” – Absit Omen (self-titled EP review)

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