VENOM INC/MASSACRE Members’ “1 Song In 1 Day” Album To Feature Anthems Of The Quarantine​ Monday April 13 2020, 12:08 PM
VENOM INC/MASSACRE Members’ “1 Song In 1 Day” Album To Feature Anthems Of The Quarantine​

Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC, MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE) and Taylor Nordberg (MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE) have been hard at work in the studio at their own Smoke & Mirrors Productions in Spring Hill, Florida.  The goal: writing, recording, mixing and releasing a song in one day.  Each day of the project is a different style of metal, featuring guest musicians from around the world.  The quarantine-inspired album includes members of ENTRAILS, WOMBBATH, ARSIS, ROSS THE BOSS, VENOM INC, NORTHTALE, I AM MORBID, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, SAVATAGE, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN, ENFORCER, ALLEGAEON, WARBRINGER, MUTOID MAN, SOILWORK, INFERNAEON, KREATOR, BLACKGUARD, EDGE OF SANITY, SKITSYSTEM, MARDUK, EXHUMED, GRUESOME, GRAVE, DISMEMBER, HEATHEN, EXODUS.  

On the creation behind the project Kling said, “It was really this simple, we decided to write a song in one day and release it. That day happened to be Saturday and we named it Slam Saturday. Then it just went from there for genres we wanted to do! Pretty awesome start.” Nordberg added “We decided to reach out to some friends in other bands to see if they would collaborate since everyone is stuck at home, and it’s just been a crazy process and a crazy list of talented musicians.”

The most recent and final song of the project features Noah Martin (ARSIS) on bass, Brian Stephenson (OLD JAMES) on vocals, and Kragen Lum (HEATHEN, EXODUS) on lead guitar. “A Silent War” by Smoke & Mirrors Productions and the previous 11 tracks from the project can be heard on their bandcamp page below.

https:// smokeandmirrorsproductions. war

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