Check Out Kadima's Latest Album Release "All Birds Deserve to Fly" Friday April 10 2020, 3:54 PM
Check Out Kadima's Latest Album Release "All Birds Deserve to Fly"

Kadima is based on the idea that music seeks to transcend and move forward in progressive fashion. Kadima meaning forward was founded by Aidan Israel as his solo project uniting musicians together to tell stories using expression but also looking to push the limits of what music can be. Aidan was inspired by many progressive rock and metal giants and used them as inspiration as it resembled the unbound potential of humankind. Though the band's material wishes to talk about concepts such as mental health as it resonates with many people as Kadima seeks to connect with their audience. The idea of telling stories through concept albums helps reach people as the writing process provides a strong narrative. It also wishes to connect with Aidan Israel's roots as a Jewish man relating concepts to Jewish Mysticism and magic. All in all Aidan and Kadima wish to move boundaries and move forward with the progression of modern metal using their creative expression.


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