Grindcore band Negative Thought Process releases "Cognitive Dissonance" Thursday March 26 2020, 10:13 AM
Grindcore band Negative Thought Process releases "Cognitive Dissonance"

British grindcore band Negative Thought Process have released their song "Cognitive Dissonance" via Metal Bite. The song is from their upcoming album Hell Is... Much Better Than This which will be released in April.
Listen to the song here:

Negative Thought Process are:
Kyle Townsend - Bass (ex-Strike Offensive)
 Danny Page - Vocals, Guitars (Exquisite Ending, ex-Victorian Whore Dogs, ex-Pravus, ex-Black Skies Burn (live))
 Jordan Allard - Drums (Reefer Franklin, Skullfucked, The Air Turned to Acid, ex-Slaine (live), ex-Rotting Repugnancy)
 1. Hell is... Much Better Than This
2. I Am Scum
3. Cognitive Dissonance
4. Stagnant
5. Festering in Ignorance
6. Force Fed Life
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Allard / Tombstone Promotions at London Road Studios.

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