Fughu Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Sunday March 22 2020, 9:18 PM
Fughu Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Crushing the polls with a devastating 3,337 votes!

WHAT IS "LOST CONNECTION"? Doctors with a life in a drop. Cheap bullies ready to punch. A woman that will make you beg for her love like an idiot. An actor in decay trapped in a dead mask. A martian in your room. A TV psycho maniac neighbour with a bomb. And the one... you already know... These are some of the things you will findin this new album. Fughu is the band that left Luna Park Stadium in awewhen playing before Dream Theater. They are also the ones that won the respect of the legends Premiata Forneria Marconi when opening for them at Teatro Opera. 3 previous albums and tours through Europe, Mexico and many cities in Argentina, place Fughu among the most important bands of the genre in Latin America. Fughu combines strong rock with sophisticated and complex passages, along with simple, strangely charming songs. Evolving from progressive metal into a more intimate and twisted style, moving furtherand further from their origins. In this new era, with Renzo Favaro on vocals,the band has acquired an unstoppable edge.Sometimes heavy, sometimes weird,sometimes sweet as fughu's poison. Some people say that Fughu is a mixture of Megadeth with Pink Floyd and Edgar Allan Poe...Well...that's not true!


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Lost Connection Playlist
1 Peggy
2 Pixel Heroe
3 Call now (Feat. Tano Marciello)
4 Stay
5 The Goat
6 Told You (feat. Goran Edman)
7 Right From The Bone
8 Martian (dedicated D. Bowie)
9 What If
10 Vexed Flower (dedicated C. Cornell)
Fughu is:
Renzo Favaro - Vocals
Ariel Bellizio - Guitars
Marcelo Malmierca - Keys
JM Lopez - Bass
Ale Lopez - Drums
Thank you for your attention, we hope you have a great 2020!

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