Ozzy Wants ‘Bats taste like sh*t’ To Be On His Gravestone Sunday March 15 2020, 6:45 PM
Ozzy Wants ‘Bats taste like sh*t’ To Be On His Gravestone

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife and manager Sharon talked about fame, health issues, going vegan, Greta Thunberg, politics, and more.
When asked if America can take four more years of Trump, Ozzy responded: “When he wins – I’m sure he’s gonna win now, I don’t think there’s anybody else to get there.”
Sharon added: “All I know is that he’s taken politics down to a level that I don’t think it should be at. I think that you should be able to debate on the subject, not take personal shots. He shoots from the hip, and the thing is he has done some good things, but as far as a representative, I would rather have Obama.”
“He gets things, he gets everybody moving, whether you agree with him or not,” Ozzy continued. “I don’t understand politicians, they all should form one big huge rock band and see how they play.”
Sharon: “Oh, he’d try anything, Trump, if there is an audience.”
They also asked to share their opinion about Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.
“She’s amazing,” Sharon responded, while Ozzy added: “She’s cool, but why do we have to go, ‘Oh, we’re listening now,’ when all the adults for ages have been going…”
Sharon: “I think because what she states is: ‘You’re all gonna die, but it’s affecting my generation,’ and I think the world needed that from somebody of her age because you know that she must have a huge army of people behind her.”
Ozzy: “She didn’t sound like it comes from her. It’s too well put together for a young kid.”
When interviewer pointed out to Ozzy‘s try to be vegan for two weeks, legendary singer responded: “No, half a day. [Laughs] ‘Oh, Ozzy‘s vegan! Oh, he’s vegan!’ Get over it. I thought I might as well join the club but, ‘Ah, screw this, get me a bacon sandwich.'”
When asked if he regrets anything about his life, Ozzy said: “We all have regrets. I regret not taking care of my parents more than I did… That thing I was with different women and whatever, I really regret that. The guy that I am now, forget the injury, I’m not that guy anymore, and Sharon always said this about me, I’ve always tried to better myself.”
He also was asked what would he like his epitaph to be when his day comes. “‘Bats taste like sh*t’,” Ozzy simply responded.
You can watch interview below.
Ozzy released his new solo album, Ordinary Man, on February 21st.
Ordinary Man was preceded by a trio of new Ozzy classics. Epic rocker and first single “Under The Graveyard” tallied over 15 million streams and 5.3 million YouTube views on the music video. Premiered just last month, the title track and cinematic ballad “Ordinary Man” [feat. Elton John] eclipsed 7 million streams. Meanwhile, the metallic burner “Straight To Hell” [feat. Slash] scored 6.9 million streams and 4.2 million YouTube views on the music video.
Ordinary Man marks Osbourne’s first new solo music in almost 10 years. Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features producer Andrew Watt on guitars, Duff McKagan (GUNS N’ ROSES) on bass and Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) on drums. Beyond the core band, Ordinary Man, features a who’s-who of Ozzy friends and collaborators including Elton John, Slash, Post Malone, and Tom Morello.

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