BLACK ABSINTHE Announce Ontario Tour Dates + New Music Video 'Witness' Thursday March 12 2020, 4:41 AM
BLACK ABSINTHE Announce Ontario Tour Dates + New Music Video 'Witness'

Toronto's BLACK ABSINTHE announce they will be hitting the road in April and May for show dates in Oshawa, Toronto, London, and Ottawa (dates listed below). The mini Ontario tour is in support of their latest single / music video 'Witness' that the trio released in follow up to their 2016 breakout album "Early Signs of Denial" that was produced by Dave Baksh (Sum 41, Black Cat Attack). The album garnered praise from respectable outlets such as Bravewords "The record has emphasis of crushing modern tone, polished instrumental sections, soaring vocals and a blending of contemporary and classic metal." and Blabbermouth “BLACK ABSINTHE does quite a bit within each of their songs, wrangling together bits of metal theories from yesteryear and today. Classic metal, power metal, death metal, thrash, it’s all dosed out like party pills for headbangers.”  along with topping the Canadian College Radio National Loud Charts at #7 for July 2016 ( Earshot ).

The band adds:

"Hey we're back on the road all over Ontario this Spring. We're excited to presenting audiences with new tracks to take for a roll in the moshpit before finalizing them for recording. We want to hear and see what gets you going and what our fans want to hear from Black Absinthe in the future!"

The music video for "Witness" can be viewed  HERE  along with it on Spotify , Bandcamp  and  Apple Music .

Show Dates:
April 10 - Oshawa, ON - The Atria w/ Pink Cocoon, Sun Below
April 11 - Toronto, ON - Duffy's Tavern w/ Pink Cocoon, Cherry Hooker
April 22 - London, ON - Call The Office w/ Chris Holmes and The Mean Men
April 25 - Toronto, ON - Duffy's Tavern w/ Leather Up Your Ass
May 16 - Toronto, ON - Hard Luck Bar w/ Metallian, Ammo
May 22 - Ottawa, ON - Dominion Tavern w /JunkOwl, Doom & Blue

BLACK ABSINTHE's new single "Witness" was recorded in the backwoods of Lac-des-Loups, QC at Wolf Lake Studios with producer Alexander Galley (Loviatar, Dissentient, Martyrs). Representing a new generation of heavy music producers, Galley’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and openness confirmed he would bring a cutting edge sensibility to the band’s recording of the track. A forward-thinking producer with an ear to the ground of the emerging sounds of heavy music, his direction for guitar and bass tone for the song was a vision all his own. Reminiscent of the classic metal philosophy and in an intense ten-hour blitz, BLACK ABSINTHE went into the studio knowing they wanted to record the song in its entirety and bask in the completed performance. Equipped with an Ayotte house-kit in the studio, Austin Henderson laid down drum tracks to set the foundation of the track for the session. Following, bassist Kyle Scarlett and guitarist Jack Cerre both tuned up and recorded with their stage Fenders. Housing exceptional gear, BLACK ABSINTHE utilized the studio’s Kemper Profiler and boutique bass gear (Darkglass Electronics). 

Guitarist and lead vocalist Jack Cerre comments: 

“All in all the experience was exhilarating, especially under pressure, our preparation paid off because the recording captures a true performance and urgency.” 

The video for the single "Witness" was shot at Toronto heavy metal venue Coalition T.O just months before its unfortunate closure. The venue itself holds a very dear spot in the metal hearts of the band as
 they lived and performed just steps away from it for the last four years, meeting local and touring bands along with rocking out their own relentless run of shows. 

Trusting Katherine Kwan, “The Wild” (2017) director to encapsulate the energy felt in the band's live performances. The video begins with a glimpse into what a night at their local and beloved punk/metal Kensington Market venue was like. From the bright pit footage to the intoxicating strobe saturated drum breakdown - the single is represented in the best and most chaotic way possible.

"The insanity of the front row has been the proving grounds of Black Absinthe’s sound, and the foreground to this video." The band adds. "Live shows took the placeholder for releasing music over the past three years, and the energy in this video is how you will always find us live. We want this video to transcend people who have been there while offering a snapshot of underground metal venues found across the globe." adds  the band .

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