Soulseller Records to Release KHÔRA's Full-Length Debut 'Timaeus' in April / New Single Streaming Wednesday March 4 2020, 4:44 AM
Soulseller Records to Release KHÔRA's Full-Length Debut 'Timaeus' in April / New Single Streaming

Soulseller Records is proud to announce the forthcoming full-length debut album from KHÔRA! Timaeus will be unleashed April 17 on CD, LP and digitally.
Stream the first single "De Vetus Ad Novum" at any of the following links:

Started as a one-man project by mainman Oleg in 2012-2013, KHÔRA strives to manifest the limits of Extreme Metal and produce both ethereal and ferocious tunes. After the first demo in 2016, Kranos joined on vocals and Lars (DØDHEIMSGARD) joined on bass, both helping shape the core line-up. Timaeus shows magical contributions by Vicotnik (DØDHEIMSGARD), Henri Sorvali (FINNTROLL), A. Simonen (AND OCEANS), and many others!
Featuring amazing artwork by Sergey Shenderovsky and several guest musician contributions, Timaeus is a carefully-crafted album that runs the gamut from black metal to death metal, infused with symphonic and progressive elements. The album was recorded between 2017 and 2019 and follows the theme of the creation of the universe by three omnipotent entities, loosely based on Plato’s dialogue of the same name.
Track List
1. Aether
2. Noceo
3. l'Annihilateur
4. Harvesting Stars
5. De Vetus Ad Novum
6. Roe Too Noo (Flow Of The Mind)
7. Sempiternal
8. Existence
9. The Purge
10. The Occultation of Time
11. Void
Drums recorded at Trackmix Recording Studio, Ireland Guitars recorded at Perdition Recording Studio, Ireland Bass recorded in Norway Guest appearances recorded in France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Cover Artwork: Sergey Shenderovsky
Logo and Font: Christophe Szpajdel
Additional Logo and Font editing: Katie Abrahamson
Khôra is:
OLEG: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics, Mixing, Production, Arrangements
KRANOS: Vocals, Lyrics (track 06), Samples, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Arrangements
LARS: Bass Guitar, Everything (track 11), Vocals and Additional Lyrics (track 09)
Guest Musicians
Erlend Antonsen: Keyboards (tracks 01, 03, 04)
Arnhwald: Vocals (track 02)
Frédéric A. Gervais: Vocals (tracks 03, 10)
Henri Sorvali: Keyboards (track 05)
Johan Havås: Keyboards (tracks 06, 09)
A. Simonen: Keyboards (tracks 08, 10)
James Benson: Guitar solo (track 08)
Vicotnik: Vocals (track 08)
Syndrone: Guitar solo (track 09), Keyboards (track 02)
Boeddelen: Vocals and Additional Lyrics (track 09)
B.R: Vocals and Additional Lyrics (track 09)

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