MICK MARS Solo Album Is Ready; MÖTLEY CRÜE Fans Will Get What They’re Expecting Monday March 2 2020, 4:37 AM
MICK MARS Solo Album Is Ready; MÖTLEY CRÜE Fans Will Get What They’re Expecting

Alabama musician Jacob Bunton has confirmed that he is the lead singer on MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars‘s highly anticipated debut solo album. 

The effort is being recorded in Nashville, where Mars has lived for about seven years, with producer Michael Wagener (OZZY OSBOURNE, ACCEPT, WARRANT, SKID ROW) at Blackbird Studio.

Speaking to  AL.com , Bunton said:

“I can tell you that I’m involved and the past several months we wrote and recorded a record and Michael Wagener produced it. The great Michael Wagener from [mixing 1986 METALLICA album] ‘Master Of Puppets’ and all that kind of stuff. He worked with MÖTLEY CRÜE on their very first record ‘Too Fast For Love’, when they did it themselves they recorded the record and then Michael Wagener mixed, and then when they got the record deal with Elektra, [QUEEN producer] Roy Thomas Baker ended up going back and remixing it. But on all of their self-released copies, it’s Michael. But to make a long story short, Michael‘s producing the record because that was the first producer Mick worked with in MÖTLEY CRÜE, so he wanted to do his solo album, so it’s been really cool. We’ve been recording it in Nashville and we’re almost done.” 

Regarding what fans can expect from Mars‘s solo CD, Bunton said:

“The songs are really cool, the record is really cool. He’s such an inventive player and his riffs are insane and it’s definitely going to be what people are expecting. When they hear it … It’s really cool.”

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