Zero Horizon L.I.F.E (Alt-Metal/Metalcore) Independent Release: 2 April 2021 Wednesday April 21 2021, 9:37 PM
Zero Horizon L.I.F.E (Alt-Metal/Metalcore) Independent Release: 2 April 2021

Band: Zero Horizon  
Album: L.I.F.E
Label: Independent
Release Date: April 2nd 2021
Genre: Alt-Metal/Metalcore

Life is a personal album that transcends genres as the goal always will just be to release melodic music we as a band enjoy without being tied down to a specific genre. From heavier tracks such as “breaking down” and “Numb” to more calmer songs as “Let You Go”  and “I'm Alright”. The music and lyrics are very personal and reflect our mental state and experiences prior to when they were

Influences for the Album:
This album was mainly influenced by personal hardships  and low points more than other bands.

Track Suggestions:
How Could I Forget
At The End
I Know It Hurts

ZERO HORIZON! A Swedish Rock band that mixes Modern Alternative Rock with Metalcore to develop their own fierce sound. 
 Zero Horizon formed back in 2016 and has ever since been working behind the scenes to record and release their highly awaited upcoming album “L.I.F.E”. Lukas Andersson wrote their first EP of four songs with big hits like “I Won’t Die” and “Fade Into Nothing”. Later in 2018 Marcus Nyberg joined the band as a guitarist. Now with a new addition to the band with heavy riffs, big open leads, breathtaking melodies and heavy hearted vocals Lukas and Marcus started to work on new songs for their upcoming album. 

 Zero Horizon does not stop at any boundaries. They don't care about what type of genre they are or what they should sound like. They do what they wanna do and they do what they like. Its personal, up close and very real. “L.I.F.E” consists of many varieties of songs. All from super Heavy Chuggy Killer tracks, Slow and Melodic, Pop Rocky to Arena singalong songs. 

Lukas always tries to push himself beyond his own expectation and goes out of his comfort zone to make something new and fresh every time he records a new song. Marcus comes up with cool ideas to mix in with Lukas wide dynamic vocals and to create something original out the box. They never know what they’ll make but it's always a blast! That's what makes them into the band Zero Horizon. 
 With their upcoming release they are ready to take their place in the world.

Band Line-up:
Lukas Andersson: Lead vocals (also written most of the drums and bass on the album)
Marcus Nyberg: Lead guitar

CD Tracklist:
1- Far From Earth
2- At The End
3- How Could I Forget
4- Gone Away
5- I Know It Hurts
6- Fuck You
7- I'm Alright
8- Breaking Down
9- Nothing Left
10- Numb
11- The Way You Feel
12- L.I.F.E
13-Let You Go

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