New Music Extravaganza & The Zach Moonshine Show Sunday February 16 2020, 5:51 PM
The Beast
New Music Extravaganza & The Zach Moonshine Show

This week i skipped doing an interview, due to scheduling conflicts and work. So instead i decided to focus the entire show on almost all brand new music premiers and debuts! this episode features new music from VISCERAL DISGORGE, Beast Of Revelation, Cemetery Filth, Edellom, Smoulder, NIGHT CROWNED, Freeways, Godthrymm, Holycide, Necrostrigis, REACTORY, Saltas, Scarab, Shards of Humanity, Skam, SKUMSTRIKE, Wormwood, Stonus, The Medea Project, and a classic from Cirith Ungol! This episode also features the battle of the bands winner Adriaan!

Track List

1 - Force Fed Shredded Genitalia/Sedated and Amputated/Strangled and Sodomized - VISCERAL DISGORGE
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Legions/The Great Tribulation/The Cryptic Void - Beast Of Revelation
4 - No Consequence - Adriaan
5 - Subduction/ Exhumed Visions/Paralytic Scourge - Cemetery Filth
6 - Presentiment/Thirst/Torn - Edellom
7 - Dream Quest Ends/Warrior Witch Of Hell/Cage Of Mirrors [Manilla Road cover] - Smoulder
8 - Witch's Game - Cirith Ungol
9 - Unholy Path - NIGHT CROWNED
10 - Eternal Light, Eternal Night/Sorrow (Was Her Name)/ True Bearings - Freeways
11 - Monsters Lurk Herein/Among The Exalted/The Sea As My Grave - Godthrymm
12 - Mentality Packs/The Aftermath (Recipients of Death)/Napalm Sweet Napalm - Holycide
13 - Night Sabbath Metal/Above the Profound Darkness of Un/The Temple of Murderous Shadows - Necrostrigis
14 - Space Hex/Speedboat Piracy/Graves Of Concrete - REACTORY
15 - Metaspiritual Redisintegration/Tremors/ Astral Funeral March - Saltas
16 - Martyrs of the Storm/Necropotence/Kingdom of Chaos - Scarab
17 - Cosmic Shield/Martyr's Gaze/ I've Seen Death - Shards of Humanity
18 - Sounds of a Disease - Skam
19 - Filth/The Deserter/Lethal Injection - SKUMSTRIKE

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