BLOOD AND SUN reveal second track from new NORDVIS album Saturday February 15 2020, 4:18 AM
BLOOD AND SUN reveal second track from new NORDVIS album

Today, dark folk maverick Blood and Sun reveals the new track "Madrone." The track is the second to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated second album, Love & Ashes, set for international release on February 28th via Nordvis Produktion. Hear Blood and Sun's "Madrone" across all digital platforms HERE .
With might and heart, Blood and Sun return. With resonant eloquence, Luke Tromiczak and friends plant a new seed into the murky soil of dark folk, birthing the heartfelt new album Love & Ashes. Nine fresh songs lit a beacon of inspiration and knowledge into the desolate nights of the wilderness, and set a fire ablaze in our hearts, old and new friends alike.

With Tromiczak's commanding baritone leading the way, Love & Ashes is lush with passionate drumming, sincere acoustic guitars, and beautiful strings, warming your soul in times of darkness. Let the craft of Blood and Sun shine through your very being; welcome it with reverence, and rejoice in its pastoral potential. Reflect on its wisdom, and you shall be rewarded.

Conceived at many different locations, Love & Ashes holds a dualistic feeling of home, and of wandering. Though strongly rooted in the American tradition and nature, a sense of universality permeates these nine tracks rich with steadfast chanting and wistful atmospheres - a sense of longing, by which it is most beautiful to get consumed. For this serene-yet-powerful creation filled with philosophical musings, the sky is the limit.
Says Tromiczak, "I am pleased to announce that after two years of work on the album which has become Love & Ashes, I am partnering with Nordvis for its release. Nordvis has come highly recommended from my close friends and fans of Andreas' curatorial vision, which encapsulates the contemplative spirits of snow-covered forests and psychotropic visions of the Aurora Borealis. I am excited to bring Blood and Sun's second album, Love & Ashes, to you as the fruits of this new partnership."

Tromiczak continues, explaining the new album's genesis: "Love & Ashes offers nine new songs written over the past six years, recorded within a myriad of geographies - from under the shadows of Manhattan's skyscrapers, to Studio Gare du Nord in the Green Mountains, to a shack in the Emerald Triangle of northern California, to the expansive Nidwestern plains, to the starry deserts of central Mexico. It is a travelogue of ruminations, offering blessings of restoration to kindred spirits but a pointed curse to any bairn who attempts to grasp it."

In the meantime, hear "Madrone" - the second track to be revealed from Love & Ashes - across all digital platforms HERE . Also hear the previously revealed "Dusk Century" across all digital platforms HERE . Preorder info can be found HERE . Cover and tracklisting, as well as band bio, are as follows:

Tracklisting for Blood and Sun's Love & Ashes
1. Resurrection Charm
2. Stone Wrote in Stone
3. Dusk Century
4. This Hate in Me Will Pass
5. By What Road?
6. Madrone
7. The Wanderer's Road
8. Love and Ashes
9. Until the Dawn

Blood and Sun is dark folk written by Luke Tromiczak and performed by a rotating group of musicians from across the United States. Formed in 2011, the group has received international praise for its dark, brooding, gothic songwriting. Blood and Sun thematically wrestles with personal tribulations and drive intertwined with metaphysical and pagan currents, delivering soaring and haunting melodies extolling the heroism and tragedy of life, its joyous excess and the vertigo of fate.
Although the music has an ancient sound, and nostalgia for the arcane, the band does not align itself with hateful rhetoric or ideologues and is not political in nature. Blood and Sun hopes for a world that is empowering to all of its listeners, where individuals of all backgrounds and identities are treated fairly, with respect, compassion, and intrigue for our shared human condition. We strive for a re-sacralization of the world that adds to the mystery and awe in life: a world of meaning and purpose felt and shared.

In 2013, Tromiczak relocated from his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota to Brooklyn, New York to pursue his MFA, and continues to write and perform as Blood and Sun across the United States, Canada, and Europe with an ever-expanding cast of characters and longstanding friends. 

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