CURSE UPON A PRAYER set release date for new SATURNAL album, reveal first track Thursday February 6 2020, 6:18 AM
CURSE UPON A PRAYER set release date for new SATURNAL album, reveal first track

On April 10th internationally, Saturnal Records is proud to present Curse Upon a Prayer's highly anticipated third album, Infidel.

Despite the censoring acts and overall spinelessness of this day and age, Curse Upon a Prayer returns from northern Finland to conquer, kill, and turn the castles of this modern world into sand. Since forming in Tornio in 2010, the band have released two albums - From The Lands of Demise in 2014, and Rotten Tongues in 2015 - and the especially well-received The Three Woes EP in 2018. That EP hastened Curse Upon a Prayer's feverish momentum on the live front, where the band gained no small amount of recognition for manifesting their strongly anti-Islamic themes in multiple Quran desecrations.

But at long last, Curse Upon a Prayer deliver their masterwork: the aptly titled Infidel. With no hesitation nor self-doubt, these Finnish infidels have taken another giant step towards the gaping abyss here, a ruthless yet incredibly dynamic assault on the senses and spirituality. No page of the Quran is left unburnt on Infidel: from quintessentially nasty Finnish-style black metal to somber acoustic sections, Curse Upon a Prayer's third album ranges a vast spectrum of searing sonics. While flagrant blasphemy is at the core of the band's being, the artistry across Infidel is undeniable; Curse Upon a Prayer are working within a rarefied field for black metal, and their truly unique character has come to the fore on this seamless song-cycle. Indeed is Infidel threaded together like one massive work, throttling the listener with filthy physicality one minute and haunting their dreams the next, and each of these nine songs reveal deeper, darker truths across the album's compact yet incredibly satisfying 36 minutes. Allah-raping has never sounded better...

Hasten to prayer, all ye whose lungs breathe fire! Hasten to damnation, all ye true Infidels! Behold the instigating torch hereby known as Curse Upon a Prayer's Infidel!

Behold the first torch with the brand-new track "Al-Masih ad-Dajjal" HERE at the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Curse Upon a Prayer's Infidel
1. Call To Prayer
2. Infidel
3. Taste Ye The Penalty Of Burning
4. Haram
5. The Portrait Of Iblis
6. Al-Masih ad-Dajjal
7. Prophetic Poison
8. Fitna
9. Jahannam

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