Void of Sleep release trailer for upcoming album "Metaphora" Thursday January 30 2020, 7:19 PM
Void of Sleep release trailer for upcoming album "Metaphora"

Italian stoner/sludge band VOID OF SLEEP have unveiled an official trailer for their upcoming album "Metaphora". The album will be released via Aural Music in March 2020.

The band commented: "“We live in a time of rekindled fear and hatred, of social relations and civility in crisis, of apathy and marginalization. Metaphora translates the way we see this world into music. After an extended incubation period, the tracks finally took shape, with the completion of our new line-up, and the result is an album that’s extreme in every sense of the word. An album that is as melodic as it is brutal, full of tension and epic. “Metaphora raises the bar by opening doors to new sounds to our existing sonic vocabulary. It is definitely the most eclectic and complete chapter of our musical journey to date.”


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