Terra 1nc0gnita – new single “Stranger”. Tuesday January 28 2020, 6:16 AM
 Terra 1nc0gnita – new single “Stranger”.

Led by the charismatic New York native, front-man Billy Vass, Terra 1nc0gnita is a band treading waters in a multitude of metal subgenres. The band manages to blend them all together seamlessly, generating a unique and unmistakable sound, melodic, yet full of healthy aggression! With a firm base of classic melodic heavy metal at their core, their fusion of progressive, epic and atmospheric elements is reinforced and enhanced by the inclusion of dark themes throughout their compositions and lyrical subjects.
Recently they released the single “Stranger”.
Originally written by Christos Nikolopoulos & Lefteris Papadopoulos and sung by George Dalaras in 1989 (Minos/EMI)
Original title "Ksenos Gia Senane Ki Echthros" (A Stranger and An Enemy To You)
Prog/Power Metal adaptation by Terra 1nc0gnita
Produced by Bob Katsionis
Lyrical adaptation/Vocals by Billy Vass
New album available mid-2020 via SYMMETRIC RECORDS
Watch official lyric video here

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