New AXEMASTER album and re-release on Vinyl! Saturday May 27 2017, 9:55 PM
New AXEMASTER album and re-release on Vinyl!

After a long silence, we are back with some very important AXEMASTER updates! Since last summer, the band has been working with producer extrodinairre Rick Fuller (who has worked with such major bands as KISS, POWERMAN 5000, TYPE O NEGATIVE, and PRONG) at both his and Joe Sims' studios to record and produce a new full length Axemaster album, the band's second with Pure Steel Records (Germany). All of the final masters for the album, which will be titled "Crawling Chaos", are now close to completion and will soon be sent to Pure Steel along with original professional front cover artwork by Noël Puente. While the new material retains the heavy edge of the previous Axemaster album "Overture to Madness", overall it's also more reminiscent of the bands musical roots from the late 80's. All who are associated with the project agree that in every aspect (both sound and appearance), this will be a very special album for the band!

Additional major band news is that, in coordination with the release of "Crawling Chaos", Pure Steel is planning to also re-release a collection of old Axemaster material ON VINYL. There are very few details available yet (such as the title and which songs will be included), but we do know that Pure Steel has already had most of the band's old material mastered and everything sounds much better than it ever has. We expect to be receiving much more information soon.

No official release date for either album has been set as of yet. We will provide all important updates, details, and information concerning both releases as it become available. In addition to these emails, you can always find the most current band news at the following sites: - -

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