SKUMSTRIKE set release date for new CALIGARI EP, reveal first track Tuesday January 14 2020, 8:20 PM
SKUMSTRIKE set release date for new CALIGARI EP, reveal first track

Today, Caligari Records sets February 14th as the international release date for a new EP from Skumstrike, Execution Void, on cassette tape format.

Hailing from the crust-punk hotbed of Montreal, Skumstrike have been on a steady path of devastation since their formation in 2017. Sticking to the tried-and-true power-trio format, the band have finely honed their hellish craft over the course of a demo in 2017 and the Pure Coercion EP in late 2018. During that time, they've actively gigged around eastern Canada, playing shows with the likes of Devil Master, Napalm Raid, Outre-Tombe, Cell Rot, Occult Burial, Saccage, Pig DNA, Ultrarat, Ferocious X, Spectral Wound, and Holy Grinder among many others, and most recently the esteemed Varning fest in their hometown.

Now, Skumstrike unload a nuclear assault with the five-song Execution Void. The band's strongest recording to date, here on Execution Void do we truly get to hear Skumstrike's unique panoply of influences - from Vomitor and Sodom, as expected for anything blackthrash-based, to the gutted hardcore of Blood Pressure and Rival Mod - come to the fore and slay one's eardrums with swift, decisive elan. The sum effect even slots itself well alongside contemporaneous Japanese metalpunk, but altogether, Skumstrike are sounding exclusively like themselves: not surprising, given that vocalist/drummer ZS is an immigrant from Singapore, guitarist LA hails from Ireland, and bassist FD is a true-blue French Canadian.

With plans for a US tour this year, now is the perfect time to enter Skumstrike's Execution Void! First entry if you are not a false can be found with the brand-new track "The Lie" HERE at Caligari Records' Bandcamp, where the tape can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Skumstrike's Execution Void
1. Filth
2. The Deserter
3. Lethal Injection
4. Thousand Eyes
5. The Lie


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