Deadspawn Featured Interview & The zach Moonshine Show Saturday January 11 2020, 7:34 PM
Deadspawn Featured Interview & The zach Moonshine Show

Deadspawn joins The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about the new album "Pestilence Reborn"! This episode features new music from Profanation, Hazzerd, Blåådpalt, FAUSTIAN PACT, Former Worlds, ME AND THAT MAN, YATRA, Beast Of Revelation, Coffin Curse, CREMATORY, PANTHEON OF BLOOD, Reaper (Sweden), Terrifiant, Throne Ov Blood, Totenheer, ROGGA JOHANSSON, FETID ZOMBIE, and ATRAE BILIS. We also featured some classics from Behemoth, Sebastian Bach, Rush, Necrotion, and Raddar.

Track list

1 - Intro/Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil/Seed Of Evil - Profanation
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Sacrifice Them (In the Name of God)/Victim of a Desperate Mind/Call of the Void - Hazzerd
4 - Corpse/God of Razorblade/Firewalker - Blåådpalt
5 - Deadspawn Interview Featuring Pestilence Reborn/Language of Creation/Limits Of Flesh
6 - Kuulas Musta Aika - FAUSTIAN PACT
7 - Variations On A Cave - Former Worlds
8 - Run With The Devil/Burning Churches/Surrender - ME AND THAT MAN
9 - Sabbath Mater/God = Dog/Moonspell Rites - Behemoth
10 - Battle of The Bands Winner AxMinister - Babylon
11 - hammer - raddar
12 - The Howling/After the Ravens - YATRA
13 - Working Man - Sebastian Bach
14 - Rush Neal Peart Tribute featuring The Trees/Fly By Night/Tom Sawyer
15 - Howls Of Iniquity - Necrotion
16 - The Cryptic Void - Beast Of Revelation
17 - Descend into Abhorrence - Coffin Curse
18 - The_Downfall - CREMATORY
19 - The Crimson Empress of Night - PANTHEON OF BLOOD
20 - Arctic Wrath - Blood and Bone - Reaper (Sweden)
21 - Iron Mountain/Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar Cover) - Terrifiant
22 - Corrupted By Darkness - Throne Ov Blood
23 - Leibhaftiger Daemon Luzifer - Totenheer
24 - Transcending Obscurity Records Sampler featuring ROGGA JOHANSSON (Sweden) - The Creepers Are Coming (Death Metal)/FETID ZOMBIE (US) - Conscious Rot (Death Metal)/ATRAE BILIS (Canada) - Ectopian (Death Metal)

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“This isn’t for your eyes...”
- Clive Barker, Hellraiser
There are fleeting moments in every life where subconscious choices are made that determine the path between the cradle and the grave. A half-seen impossibility at the edge of your vision, a flickering ghost of a nightmare in the very corner of your eye that the brain instantly rejects and forgets, or demands you turn to face. Once seen they cannot be unseen, once the threshold is crossed there is no return, once the door is opened it cannot be closed. Every creature from your darkest fantasies, every bit part player in the dreams that leave you shaking with fear crawl into your waking world...and every step you take can plunge you into their screaming hells. Pain, horror, magic and madness are forever just a single step away...
“We have such sights to show you...”
- Clive Barker, Hellraiser

The sound of Deadspawn has been fermented in a cauldron of vile visions and exquisite torture. Each song is a story from beyond the doorway to the hidden world, an invitation to step beyond the limits of flesh. Intricate, deathly riffs twist their way through deep, winding passageways of utter darkness, as howling solos sing above the surging mass of unspeakable power. The overwhelming tumult of sorcerous creations like ‘The Plague Within’ will haunt the chambers of your mind, laying traps within your dreams. The slithering melodies of ‘From Ruins’ beckon you ever further into an inescapable maze of twilight shadows. Familiar forms and unexpected trickeries entwine to create something enthralling yet terrifying. Born under the blazing Arizona sun, Deadspawn have drawn upon the essence of ineffable darkness to build this palace of night terrors, this monument to Pestilence Reborn.
“I have left myself on the other side – the world of man slowly fades from memory”
 - Deadspawn, Limits Of Flesh
Deadspawn had hinted at their potential, their evil intentions, with the 2015 EP, The Source Of Chaos, but with Pestilence Reborn they have transformed themselves – from minions of darkness to dukes of hell in one staggering stride. Pestilence Reborn will be unveiled on January 11th at a special launch show at Club Red in Mesa, with support from Through The Earth, Thra and Swarm Of Serpents and from there, their plague will spread around the world. Look to the shadows, the forgotten corners of your dreams...Deadspawn are coming.
Curt DuRocher - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Frech - Drums
Derrek Page - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Roubison - Guitar/Vocals
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
For fans of: Morbid Angel | Lord Belial | Hate | Belphegor
Further Information:

This weeks featured CD is from Raddar ! Check it out!



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