Did Chris Cornell Kill Himself Or Was He Murdered? Sunday May 21 2017, 12:21 PM
Did Chris Cornell Kill Himself Or Was He Murdered?

The following is an opinion piece, and I am in no way making firm accusations of anything, but rather bringing up questions and inconsistencies in the information being reported on Chris Cornell's death.  

Did you know: Did you know that for 13 years, Chris Cornell ran a charity to help abused and/or children living in poverty? Did you know that he recently took a trip to Greece , to a war torn area, in preparation for extending his charitable work to include creating a safe haven for the children? Did you know that Chris was in the middle of making a new album that he was super excited about (which was due to be released later this year) as well as on a tour he was excited about? Did you know that the Led Zeppelin song he performed at his last concert (the one everyone says is a sign he planned to kill himself) is one he frequently performed at shows? Did you know that he supposedly hung himself with mountain climbing equipment that was built to withstand tons of weight (so why was he found in the floor)? Did you know that his bodyguard was the last person to see him alive in his room and is the person who gave Chris Ativan that night...while he was fixing Chris' computer (a strange thing for a suicidal person to request if he planned to off himself)? Did you know that the same bodyguard is also the one who found his body..and did not attempt CPR but rather waited until medics got there? Did you know this was a very experienced bodyguard who was most certainly trained in how to administer CPR (he was Heidi Klum's bodyguard)? Did you know that this bodyguard is also implicated in being the cause for Heidi Klum's divorce from long-time husband, Seal? Did you know that after Heidi and this same bodyguard broke up, that she continued to support him financially in order to protect her career ? Did you know that Chris Cornell's wife has changed her story several times since the incident? Did you know that Chris was worth $60 million at the time of his death, and would be worth much more if he achieved legend status with a young and untimely death? Why is everyone so quick to jump on the "he was a depressed rock star who took drugs and killed himself" bandwagon when so many things do not add up??? Does Chris not deserve to have people investigate this and uncover all details before he simply gets summed up as a junky suicidal rockstar? Geeze, people. I know, I know. Asking questions when something doesn't make sense is looked down upon these days. We are supposed to just blindly accept whatever we are told. Well, I don't. I was (and will always be) a huge fan. I know his heart and his love for life and his devotion to his children and to making the world a better place. He had big plans, and he was excited about them. As someone who use to take Ativan in large doses and drink with it, I can say that it made me happy and then it made me go to sleep...which is exactly what I wanted at the time. All I am saying is that at this point, there are far more questions than answers and out of respect for Chris, I will not just blindly accept this story as gospel because I am told to. Chris deserves more than that. - Miss Moonshine

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