BEWITCHER premiere new video Friday December 6 2019, 6:24 AM
BEWITCHER premiere new video

new BEWITCHER lineup, left to right
Andreas Magus - bass & backing vocals
Mateo Von Bewitcher - guitar & lead vocals
Aris Hunter Wales - drums

Today, Satanic speed metalers Bewitcher premiere the new video "Under the Witching Cross" at heavily trafficked web-portal . The track hails from the album of the same name, Under the Witching Cross, released to widespread acclaim this past May via  Shadow Kingdom Records. See & hear Bewitcher's "Under the Witching Cross" video in its entirety exclusively HERE .

As presaged by their Too Fast for the Flames 7" on Shadow Kingdom in early 2019, Bewitcher are leaner and especially meaner than ever! The power-trio built their name in the underground on the back of three cult demos and especially their self-titled debut album in 2016, and now arrives Under the Witching Cross to present the band in their crudest 'n' rudest form: Rough 'n' rowdy speed metal of a most classic '80s aspect, with a touch of good, old-fashioned EVIL the way Venom and early Razor did it way back in the day.

In fact, one could say Bewitcher are a veritable time-machine of enviable, unbelievable proportions - except you look at the calendar and realize you're living in the present! But Bewitcher don't give a fuck, and proceed to pulverize you with POUNDING METAL, one anthem after another, on the eight-anthem/33-minute Under the Witching Cross. We can also mention Celtic Frost, early Sodom, Exciter, and even a touch of Dissection as ever-honorable influences here, so you know Bewitcher are the absolute Real Deal! But the band's also highly recommended for maniacs of Midnight, BAT, Pounder, Chainbreaker, and Italy's Barbarian.
Watch out, because the night's about to get HOT when Bewitcher takes you Under the Witching Cross! Feel the heat of the brand-new video for the title track "Under the Witching Cross" exclusively HERE , courtesy of Also get hot with the previously revealed video for "Too Fast for the Flames" HERE at Revolver magazine's website. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Bewitcher's Under the Witching Cross
1. Savage Lands of Satan
2. Hexenkrieg
3. Under the Witching Cross
4. Heathen Woman
5. Too Fast for the Flames
6. In the Sign of the Goat
7. Rome is on Fire
8. Frost Moon Ritual

MORE INFO: BewitcherOfficial


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