THE RUINS OF BEVERAST - Exuvia Tuesday May 9 2017, 8:19 PM
The Beast

Exploratory, renowned German black metal unit, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST-- the expansive work of one Alexander Meilenwald, drummer from such former entities as Nagelfar, Truppensturm, Verdunkeln, and others -- presents the outfit’s latest output, with the grand Exuvia LP.

Exuvia is a vessel of constipated lethal bacteria, loading an atonic fluid, a venomous substance of colors, a marsh of florescence. It is a fortress against a siege machine of spiritless organisms and so much a yell to nature's cleansing spirits. These attributes have been absorbed into the album of the same name, the newest output of THE RUINS OF BEVERAST. The latest opus was produced and mixed with Michael Zech, and features six massive, psychoabyssal downward spirals delivered in the expected TROB craftwork, meshing neoclassical and primitive/tribal and epic buildups with thundering black metal intensity, all coalescing in a massive, artistic sequence of movements, with over an hour of music. Exuvia’s cover art was commissioned to Axell Hermann (Grave, Samael, Sodom).

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST‘s Exuvia has just seen European release through Ván Records in recent days, and is nearing release through the label’s newly-secured US distribution on Friday, June 2nd.

Stand by for more on THE RUINS OF BEVERAST and Ván Records’ new US distribution and upcoming retail shop and more to be issued.

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