Astaroth Incarnate release video for "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)" Sunday November 10 2019, 4:20 AM
Astaroth Incarnate release video for "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)"

Toronto black metal band ASTAROTH INCARNATE have released a video for their song "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)" via Exclaim! The song is from their upcoming EP Ascendance.

The band commented "I am Fire / I am Death (Omega) is the continuation of the first track (Alpha) that we released and it continues on with the Apocalyptic story concept from where it left of at the end of Alpha. If you paid close attention to Alpha, you would've noticed 4 different characters (who represent the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and are color coded accordingly) intertwined in Death with the primary Astaroth character who represents Life. Therefore, Omega continues the story as representing the Astaroth character as someone who is beyond Death and one who incites the outcome of the eventual demise of a human."

Watch the video here: music/article/astaroth_ incarnate_drop_i_am_fire_i_am_ death_omega_lyric_video

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