Turkey's black metal act YAYLA releases "Pas.to.rale" via Merdümgiriz Records Sunday February 12 2017, 12:37 AM
Turkey's black metal act YAYLA releases "Pas.to.rale" via Merdümgiriz Records

YAYLA is back with its fifth full-length "Pas.to.rale" , the first release from this ambient black metal act in four years .

Released by  Merdümgiriz Records on February 5th, 2017, the project from multi-instrumentalist Emir Toğrul presents a heavy fusion of ambient and metal, and after the departure from the monotonous sound of the now cult trilogy, "Pas.to.rale" sees YAYLA sounding more dynamic, oppressive and hypnotic than ever before, and while there are countless influences from different styles and techniques, this album is surprisingly tight and unified.

YAYLA's Emir Toğrul comments: «"Pas.to.rale" takes many forms with lengthy instrumental tracks, from synth driven string ensemble ambiences to psychedelic guitar tracks, to “traditional” black and death metal songs with very unconventional structures fused with synths. The YAYLA concept is at its pinnacle in “Pas.to.rale”, with the name of the band and our whole concept of nature based metal music coming to an alchemical home as we delve back into our roots after all these years of adventures as VIRANESIR and BLIGHTED in an ironic existential absurdity. It's a tale of dungeon style atmosphere, relentless black metal, nostalgic overdose and musical hypnosis.»

As with all his work on Merdümgiriz Records , each copy of "Pas.to.rale" CD, Tape, t-shirt and patch will be handmade in the artisanal style. Emir paints the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, making all non-machined parts from scratch. All current and upcoming merch comes to fans directly from the hand of the creator himself.

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