Calgary's LOST IN STATIC Debut Single "Feel Alive" Sunday October 27 2019, 9:52 AM
Calgary's LOST IN STATIC Debut Single "Feel Alive"

L-R: Tyler Johansen (Drums), Jared Boyd (Bass), Noureen Amin (Vocals), Lance MacBain (Guitar)

Photo Credit: Joe Miles

Lost In Static, a new band to the Canadian metal scene has just announced their debut single ‘Feel Alive’ being premiered exclusively on TheCirclePit YouTube channel HERE .

Riveting and aggressive, Lost In Static is a fresh new sound out of Calgary, Canada and their first single from their yet to be released debut album is ready to be heard.

In the vein of Volumes, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, and Born of Osiris; Lost In Static is metalcore with heavy djent rhythms that is heavy, inspiring and most of all, fun. The band shares their hopes for the reception of the track:

“The music is good for any fans of heavier music. There are lots of breakdowns and blast beats. We’re hoping this song will make people want to bounce and mosh! We’re hoping the lyrics will inspire more people to check out more local shows. The lyrics are about our love for going to shows and the connection to like-minded people that it brings. We hope this will inspire more people to do the same!”

Lost In Static loves playing shows as much as they like attending, and it’s apparent with their lively performances full of headbanging, moshing and crowd interactions.

Show Dates:
Oct 25 - Calgary, AB - Blind Beggar Pub (Pumpkinheadz Ball)

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